This day in Politics


Why do you think so many dumbass conspiracy theorists are so drawn to Trump? I have some thoughts on that.

Have a little taste of reality, you might find it refreshing:

Did Obama’s secret police arrange to have Fuddy put on an infant life vest? There’s no evidence that they didn’t, after all.


Another magical death?


Another adult had an infant life preserver and said it was tight but worked.


Fuddy’s only half-inflated. Obama’s secret police at work? There’s absolutely no evidence that Obama’s secret police force didn’t plant that particular vest and that direct her seating placement. There’s also no evidence that Obama’s people weren’t behind this maintenance situation:


Fat donald just doubled down on stupid.


No way he wrote that.


the man has zero empathy.

he cares not for his fellow man.




We should all be thankful that Trump saved so many lives in Puerto Rico by throwing out rolls of paper towels to reporters. Mt. Rushmore awaits his greatness.


As I’ve said many times, the stupids won.


Trump only cares about Trump. How many examples do we need?


I think if Bernie was the Dem nominee that number drops.




Donald never lies.




“Believe me.” Lol.


Wow that is a truly strange thing for him to be yammering on about this weekend.


I’m thinking Jared would be a good replacement after the bang up job he’s done on solving the Israeli Palestinian problem.


Even when losing every court case they keep trying.

They are unsinkable rubber ducks