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I believe this just highlights the desperation they feel regarding the midterms. You’re right. They have two years with total control and have accomplished so little, that they are freaking out about the potential losses they face in November. So back to the same old well once more.


Damn, these people suck. But what can you expect when the guy at the top is a grifter?


trump has emboldened them all.


You seem to only dislike this because it is Democrats.

This is as disgusting as McConnell stating the goal was to Obama a one term president and refuse to hold hearings on Obama’s nominee.


Funny how they keep forgetting that little detail.


Buzzfeed says it may be serious because Manafort transferred money and he was cheating on taxes…so apparently money transfers are all for cheating on taxes?

What is noticeable is that this is supposed to be from people currently involved in the investigation. The bureaucracies are still into political leaks. That should be what really needs investigating.
That is the real story.

Oh, and 11 days after the Tower meeting? What if it had been 5 days? What if 20 days? How many days connect it to the tower meeting?


His response should be that the Constitution sets the requirements for the Presidency and Congress can not add or delete those without a Constitutional amendment.


I’m all for the investigation of why people involved in the investigation are leaking. It seems apparent from anonymous, that people in the Trump government feel an obligation to keep the public informed. But I highly dispute this is the way to go about it. If they want to be whistleblowers, then follow whistleblowing protocol. Not this sort of leaking.


And which republicans will care about the whistle blowing? Spoiler alert: none who are currently in office.


The timescale is not an issue at all.

What I find to be odd… and anyone looking at it with an objective eye should find odd l… is the money transfers from Kaveladze, who in the 90’s was alleged to have laundered over a Billion Dollars, to Goldstone. Why is an import/export business paying to a music company?

The situation is odd and is not easily explained away.


True. But it would not be for them. It is for the American public, which then can place real checks on this administration. Seeing as how the cowards in the GOP refuse to do so.


Will anyone be able to break these records?


In the current political environment, it would be practically suicidal to be a whistle blower if it makes a republican look bad.


He broke his own record, nice!


Book writers are getting rich off of this prez!


That is a fair point. Do you think this will hold true should the Democrats reclaim one, or both, chambers in November?


Most years since 9/11 for any President, too!

Top that, libz!



If Democrats win the House or the Senate, they get subpoena power, so we’ll see.


True. I believe this right here is one of the largest motivators of all, behind the energized left, which will equate to a strong GOTV in November.