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Was she smeared with doctored videos and ridiculous accusations?

I do agree it’s becoming more politicized all the time. Makes me wonder why anyone would want to put themselves through that, along with their families.


They are doing whatever they can to stall the process.

I do agree with them that the way that the records issue has been handled has risen to the level of needing more investigation. Kavanaugh should be an open book for a lifetime appointment, but they are driving this through as fast as they can just In case they might lose the Senate.

That is political cynicism being met with political cynicism.


Just more blatant with each and every day:


Why? Why do they do this sort of stuff?


This does not sound good.


They’ll get a slap on the wrist. Everyone knows C3s, C4s, PACs and campaigns illegally coordinate but no one wants to be the one to set the precedent of harsh legal punishment.


True. The NRA will receive some small monetary fine. But I’m more interested in the narrative that plays into the running Democratic theme for these Senatorial offices, that the GOP is filled with nothing but corruption and scandal, from the top to the bottom. And now they can add Rosendale to the growing list of Republicans engaged in nefarious activity. Possibly helping Tester to win this race.


Yep, include this little nugget in that narrative.


In a federal court filing, prosecutors allege that Butina has offered to flip on Erickson — who is also identified as “Person 1” in case documents. “Although the defense contends that the defendant is in a committed relationship with Person 1,” the feds write, “she recently offered to provide information to the government about his illegal activities.”


She will likely flip on anyone and everyone she can at this point. She knows she is facing some serious legal problems and a long stint in prison. And it seems likely a slew of Republicans and NRA members will end up in the cross-hairs as a result.


Come on man!!! :man_facepalming:


I dunno. Maybe the GOP IS filled with nothing but corruption and scandal, from top to bottom.



As of late, it sure seems like there is quite a bit of it running rampant across that party, that is for sure.


Gotta get this done QUICK so they can start screaming about the Democrats! as the debt explodes.


It just makes me sick to my stomach. They are doing this solely for cheap political points. Nothing more. They are willing to mortgage future generations, during a time of economic growth and strength, for damn politics. Horrible, horrible people.


Oh look another one

Must be Thursday



Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., confirmed Thursday that she had referred information about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to “federal investigative authorities.”


Tax cuts is all they really have to go with, even if it doesn’t benefit the average person very much. Nobody can actually quantify “eliminating regulations,” the promise to “close the borders,” or MAGA.




What is wrong with the NRA?