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That makes a lot of sense. Also, as an aside, our nation’s history of turning a blind eye to white collar crime, and then allowing such meager punishments for most those who are prosecuted, is something that has always bothered me. I wish we would take these crimes as serious as we do things like petty theft and drug crimes.


But what do you do if you’re a kid and you have a parent that’s that overbearing?


I would argue that a lot of Americans think that getting away with white collar crime and having affairs with beautiful women is a feather in their cap. an accomplishment. Something to brag about.


Unfortunately you are correct. An idolization of Gordon Gekko.

It is one of the largest moral failings of our society.


From what I recall, she only had sex with him once.

Short book. 20 pages at best?


“Working on the memoir for the past decade.”



He’s the one that Kevin McCarthy said was being paid by Putin, no? And Paul Ryan said to shut that conversation down?


He’s the one.


I imagine it will be tremendously big and tremendously wet.

That might be the wrong Cat 5 event.


Qanon nutjobs getting their comeuppance. \


And r/the_donald lives another day.



10 Char


Anybody watching “Our Cartoon President” on Showtime? It’s hilarious.


That’s what I was thinking. It’s just an opportunity to may hay while the sun shines. Her time in the spotlight will be up.


Can’t wait to read fat Donald’s tweets about this. What nickname will he have for the Senator? Oh, and Ben is one of my favorites, not just because he’s anti Trump but he’s principled and a conservative.


I also wish we could go back to the way things were.


Good luck Paulie.


can’t blame him for trying.


Maybe she will describe his genitals the way Paula Jones described Bill Clinton’s when he just dropped his pants in front of her.


maybe all of Trump’s affairs and wives will do so.