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ironically, if she were president and said that the White House would have to issue a correction.

we don’t see those much anymore.


Nice deflection. Can we not have a post about anything without turning it back to Trump and/or Republicans?

She’s spreading the same lie both the WP and Politifact have debunked. She’s a liar.


yeah, she’s wrong.

now, the person that beat her is wrong constantly. you could, if you wanted, create a post for every one of his lies. and, as i stated, most presidents issue corrections or clarifications (like newspapers) but our current president doesn’t (and he’s in power). that’s way worse to me than anything a failed politician has to say.


Then find the same thing in the NYTs along with the threats of violence being received by Collins and her staff.


It was merged with the Woodward thread, not locked as such.


You mean if she had been elected she would stop being a liar?

Strange prediction.


i know a lot of people don’t like this guy but his comments about Trump are funny…


Are we not allowed to talk about any other politician’s lies except Trump and Republicans?

This is pants on fire lying and fear mongering. Only left wing loons think access to birth control may be at risk.

And this is looney tunes Handmalds Tale nonsense, but red meat for the looney base

Perhaps Hillary should read the WP more often, who are saying Dems should stop lying about Kavanaugh.

Harris’s original tweet, with the “they say” language removed, was slightly mitigated by the second tweet a day later, providing the full context. But there was no acknowledgment by Harris that the original tweet was misleading. She earns Four Pinocchios — and her fellow Democrats should drop this talking point.


I wonder if this actually has legs.


If you really want to throw chaff, put the “NO” in all caps like the President did. I’m surprised it wasn’t "NO hard evidence.


I almost started a thread on this one. But it’s too hard to decipher where this may end up.


i didn’t say that. you can even talk about Al Gore’s lies. He has the same number of political offices that Hillary does.

now, the most powerful man in the world is lying constantly. his lies actually affect stuff.


Stormy Daniels releasing her book about her relationship with fat donald this Oct. 2nd. Get ready Melania!


Yeah. It could be legit… but there is enough wierd stuff to make one think that it could be a complex way to hide money moving around between some people.

It is rather odd that a music company would get a bunch of money dumped on it from an import/export company that exists in an unmarked room in midtown.


10 char


This is also a thing. Rohrbacher in a tie with the Democrat challenger.


Wow! This is around my backyard, I didn’t see this coming.


Agreed. Fortunately we have some of the brightest financial crimes investigators around who are on the case. They have the ability to suss out whether this is something significant or not. Especially because these criminals surrounding Trump have proven themselves to be terribly inept.


I think that that ineptness is more of a product of white collar crime not being on the radar so it is easy to get away with unless you put a huge spotlight on yourself… like running for President and then actually winning… or something


Eric is an idiot.