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Was he talking about his night with Stormy Daniels???:thinking:


Aide: President Trump, I found this Obama…

Trump: What the ■■■■? There’s still Obama ■■■■ hanging around?


Well at least he didn’t roll back the use of abestos…um, err… nevermind…


Russian company approved products ready to ship!


lol…and its true


Wait a ■■■■■■■ a minute…
Something I didn’t know about trump…

President Donald Trump has called the substance “100 percent safe, once applied.”

In his 1997 book, The Art of the Comeback , Trump argued that the association of the chemical with health risks was part of a mob-created conspiracy. “I believe that the movement against asbestos was led by the mob, because it was often mob-related companies that would do the asbestos removal. Great pressure was put on politicians, and as usual, the politicians relented,” he wrote.



It was nice of Trump to invite Omarosa and Hope Hicks back for the photo op!


i keep saying that Trump is gonna cost a lot of people their lives. and it won’t be quick either. they’ll slowly die over decades. young, old, sick or healthy. it won’t matter.


for some reason the thread was locked.


Didn’t he say the same ■■■■ last year?


I pray the poorly educated goes first…
trumpers would love to martyrdom for trump…


I JUST got a text from a cousin who was bitching about the media’s coverage of the storm. Now I know why.


Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr is worried about Mueller’s staff

“I do have concerns about the people around him.”


Of course not. They want a copy of Ginsburg.


i posted a long time ago that Trump’s (and Trump republicans) best strategy is the old mafia strategy. attack, attack, attack (the cops, detectives, prosecutors, judges and juries).

at least you guys are using a good strategy.


There’s Never Been a President This Unpopular With an Economy This Good


Fat donald just can’t quit it.




No “hard” evidence.

Well that is a way to weasel out of it.


Here’s liar Hillary making the totally debunked claim that Kavanaugh called contraception “abortion inducing drugs”.

The WP gave this 4 pinnochios, and Politifact rated it as false. But Hillary goes ahead and tweets this today anyway. I’m sure she knows it is a lie, but she repeats it anyway to her followers who won’t know any better.

I hope the WP gives Hillary 4 pinnochios as well as other Dems who helped spread the lie.