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At best, best, your article argues he lacked candor.

The links main point is this:

Neither of these two cases meet the high bar for a perjury prosecution.

who said anything about prosecution?


Greta proudly wore whatever hat she she was told wear and said whatever she was told to say at every network she worked at for years and years and years. Now that she’s out on her ass, she found morality.


Trump could have told you this!

(OK, not politics, but still…)




Considering execs from Fox and CBS, as well as Matt Lauer, have all been canned, I have no doubt what Greta is saying is true.


What Greta said is not exactly profound. Do you doubt that there is bad stuff that isn’t public yet?


Sometimes the cult of 45 is stronger than Jesus.


God he is unbelievable. People have got to be getting sick of this crap.


A look back at Hillary Clinton’s visit to Ground Zero after 9/11


Because this is a high priority issue for supposedly religious people. Sheesh.


Santorum fits in with the modern Trumplican GOP.


The Washington Post gives Kamala Harris 4 pinnochios after she deceptively edited a video to make it look like Kavanaugh said contraceptives were abortion inducing. This comes after Politifact also rated her claim as false.


He did this during a sermon? I’d be looking for another church to go to. That’s not what a pastor should be talking about from the pulpit.


Seems he’s losing that 30% popularity among blacks…


Why does something like this not surprise me?


And now a little comedy…


Do we need a drum roll for this one?


Self grading is fun.


Appears to be so…what an embarrassing moment to get a little national attention for yourself.


The tea party new logo…