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Look, we can do North Korean propaganda here too.


“The softer side” - Kilmade


Trumpleton will enjoy this story of “quite the romantic” dictator during his Executive Time before the next round of golf.



Here’s the story for those who haven’t seen it.


Antifa does back Bernie and Mo Brooks was shot at at the republican baseball game practice, and the shooter was a bernie guy! Mo has first hand experience. But hes a nut to you somehow?


Stay tuned? Is he advertising next week’s episode of Presidential Apprentice, Season 2?


You elect a reality TV personality, you get a reality TV president.


Like soros is elected. LOL !


Hmmmm. Not sure about the tone.

Needs more Nixon.

Trump should stop shaving in the mornings. That might complete the picture.


You have to admire how Trump doesn’t rest on his #1 standing. Always striving to be the best!


All of them. What is going on in Ruby-Red West Virginia? @Safiel Do you know any details about these events? Or @TheDoctorIsIn?


Holy crap. Read that article.

That is bonkers.


How sad is it that we have to have aides to the President save our nation and our alliances from the President himself? This is NOT normal. When will the cult wake up to this reality? Oh, never mind, I already know the answer. Shots ringing out on 5th avenue as we speak…


I don’t know much about this - this is the first I’ve heard of it - but it appears that it might be at least partially a political move.

From what I’m reading, there are serious charges against one of the 4 judges (another just retired, and plead guilty to wire fraud), and the legislature is using that to clear the bench and let the Republican governor fill the whole bench.


Why isn’t this the main story of the day? It’s horrific. 11 children were found in New Mexico, living in horrible conditions, and the District Attorney claims they were being trained for school shootings.


Same story from CNN. This is absolutely horrific.




he’s a con man who worships money. the TV thing was just part of that.


i read about it yesterday. Horrific stuff happens every day.


These kids were being STARVED and abused in unimaginable ways. They were being trained to do school shootings, according to the DA.

And this gets entirely ignored, or else nothing more than a big yawn from most people.