This day in Politics


Guess we need to send a few more Republicans over for a visit.


Always. A. Tweet.


But they are white and advise their women not to sleep with the visiting black athletes. Isn’t that good enough to cut them some slack?




And in a swinger’s bar? Oh those family values conservatives!


No he’s not. If you read the article Ben makes clear he’s talking about policy, and how the Ds will almost certainly nominate a ar left winger.

That doesn’t make him a cultist


Coward is too scared to do the interview. Enough is enough, time to subpoena this clown.


I thought I saw something today that said he wouldn’t even do an interview


Yup. It’s much worse in Trump’s world to have a private encounter with Mueller’s team than it is to have a private interview with Putin.


Sigh. You all think every Democrat is a far left winger.


It’s been driven home for almost 40 years.

Hell of a sales job.


He is not nor was he ever going to sit down voluntarily for an interview with Mueller. I’m sure Mueller knows this, too.


I somehow doubt that it is a swingers bar.

She is doing karaoke to Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” which earns a “Meh” from me.


I’m just chuckling at the video, no idea if she is drunk and/or at a swingers bar.


Good ol’ Devin.


Wait what. This can’t be real.


After 20 months of this ■■■■, this still surprises you?


Ben Shapiro has been wavering and shaping up his audience for this jump for months.

He should stick to his hard hitting investigations of Marvel and Star Wars movies.


That Ike Perlmutter is dictating VA policy? Yes. Yes it genuinely does.


That’s always the excuse. He’s been saying “well Trump’s policies are cool even if he isn’t (wink wink)” for months now.