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Gotta be a lot of smiles at Nate McMurray headquarters today… Does this mean one for seat for the DNC in November?


I was wondering that same thing. Surely it is too late to add someone else to the ballot for the mid-term in November?


Just another group of grifting criminals, aka Republicans, getting taken down by the FBI.


Seems Trump has his own senatorial delivery boy


More details.



Rand really seems to have lost his mind.

In other news, this tweet is about the GOP nominee for Michigan Governor. The current governor, Rick Snyder, a Republican, is refusing to endorse him and won’t be attending a unity rally with Mike Pence.

I really think November his shaping up to be a huge shellacking of the GOP, not just in Congress but at the state level.

How long will it take for the GOP to lose 1000 seats overall? It took two terms of Obama for that number of D seats to flip to R.


That poll is flawed because Evers isn’t even the D candidate yet. Primary is next week. I actually hope Evers doesn’t win because I don’t think he can beat Walker. Several of the other candidates can win against Walker, several can’t. With 8 D candidates in the primary, it’s a crapshoot who will come out ahead and face Walker.


We are in scary times with this cult nonsense.

Forty-eight percent of them said they believed “the news media is the enemy of the American people”


I wonder who will win the recount?


You gotta admire the brazenness of GOP in the age of Trump. They don’t even care how corrupt it looks.


I’m also pretty sure Kobach won’t be mentioning the potential for massive voter fraud.


Lordy let there be tapes. :rofl:


Yes yes yes!


A lawd, please let it be true. Lol!


I highly doubt she was privy to anything substantial - which is all I care about.

It’s not like we don’t already know this WH leaks like a sieve.


True. But it is hilarious watching the clown show eat their own.


What I really want to hear are the Apprentice tapes.


Trump has no motor mouth control. Of course she was privy to substantial stuff.



Looks like someone is about to join the cult