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Ever since libs ignored Juanita Broaddrick’s #metoo, it is clear that rape is not a big deal. But was someone call an ugly name?


I thought it was hilarious that the defense asked Gates if he had expensed personal expenses to the inauguration committee and Gates replied basically that he didn’t remember but it was possible.

I wouldn’t leave either of these guys alone in a room with the cremated remains of a loved one for fear they’d poke around in the urn for crowns and fillings.


Yep, that’s how amoral and sleazy they are. I doubt Manafort will ever be sorry for what he’s done, but really hoping Gates means it when he says he’s trying to change.

It’s possible for anyone to do that, eventually we will know if that was just talk or sincere.


Here’s hoping Manafort and Gates are incarcerated in the same federal prison.


You should get some friends. You’d then know what all of us parents are finding and sharing with each other. It’s kinda how parents kept each other up to date in the 50s.


So you have a whole little group that reads high school notes . That’s not as creepy. Suppressing that and hiding it would lead to bad stuff. Getting it out in the open is better… though a little perverted… but no more than smelling each others’ socks or something like that.


come on dude. try harder. we parents keep each other up to date on the vile stuff that high school kids are doing these days so we can better parent and look out for the bad stuff and protect our own kids.

didn’t you run cover for Roy Moore for months?


In the latest episode of The Apprentice: Trade Wars are Fun and Easy to Win, we find out that a company in SC that makes TVs will be laying off over 100 people, with the company saying tariffs are the one and only reason why.


Smartphones are like the best tool ever for parenting. They save everything on them. And taking them away is the ultimate currency.


My youngest has been an adult for a while. Glad I’m done with that whole kids at home crap lol.


Lol you don’t know what he’s talking about. That’s ■■■■■■■ priceless. Truly you have your finger on the pulse of American culture.


I’ve got three teenagers at home. :pray: for me.


Here’s what’s happening on the latest episode of The Apprentice: Trade Wars are Good and Easy to Win


The swamp is very expansive! Seems three unelected, non-government rich dudes who are Mar-a-lago members have been guiding VA policy! This admin is super crazy.


What in the world? I cannot emphasize this enough, but this is NOT normal.


The Harding boys had nothing on these people.




Well… holy crap.




Wonder if we’ll get to see Trump’s pardon power in action on this one?