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Hmmm…yeah not “on message” for Trump’s favorite show.


You know things are not looking up for you, when even State Run Television is speculating on conspiracy crimes and potential convictions for said crimes. I wonder if Junior and Kushner are staring down an indictment in the future?


he’s certainly right about this being the tip of the iceberg.

maybe he can get our president to attack some private companies until they buckle under.


i think if everyone here saw what high school boys send to high school girls they’d get a better idea of where we are as a country.


The biggest question I have is if Mueller knows who was on the other side of those blocked calls from Jr. If those calls were to the president, that ropes him into the conspiracy.


I think there is no question that Mueller already knows. He undoubtedly subpoenaed the phone records. A caller ID block does not actually block the data in storage. Only the ability for the private party to keep the number from showing on ID. And should Trump ever agree to an interview, this will be a question asked of him as well.


I agree that the Sanator’s message is chilling and dangerous.

To be clear, and I think it’s a difference with an actual difference, he did not advocate shutting down any websites. He advocated having content platform owners police the content on their own platforms for abhorrent content.

Nobody has a “right” to post on social media platforms.

Had the senator advocated shurring down websites, that would be an even higher level of bad.


Pretty typical Tuesday for Trump today …


No one is suggesting banning a website. Infowars still has it’s website. If that isn’t enough exposure, maybe another private website will offer exposure. Maybe or Rush’s site will let him post his stuff.


I swear I remember trump promising he’d be too busy presidenting to ever leave the WH to waste precious time golfing.


Why would that lie be any different from all the rest?


That Kyle Griffin is awfully cute. I may be developing a bit of a man crush.


This will brighten Donny’s day.


Maybe this week?

President Donald Trump’s legal team plans to respond to special counsel Robert Mueller’s request for a potential interview with the president in the coming days. The response could happen as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday, sources with direct knowledge told ABC News.


From the article…

There have been campaigns to remove stars in the past, but it hasn’t happened in the Walk’s 40-year history.

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce CEO Leron Gubler knocked down a proposal to remove Bill Cosby’s star in 2015, saying, “Once a star has been added to the Walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

“Because of this, we have never removed a star from the Walk,” he added.

Not even rapist Bill Cosby was too scummy to have his star removed. Trump, setting more records. How proud he and his children must be of him.


Doubtful. It will be another counter-offer, more than likely. They are terrified of the obstruction of justice line of questioning.


I’m not sure I understand the stalling by Trumps team. Why not just say hell no trump won’t be interviewed! Why the cat and mouse game? What purpose does it serve?


yay republicans


My best guess is that they know one way or another Trump will have to answer questions. The more they can attempt to limit the number of questions he is asked, the better off Trump will be during an interview. What they truly fear the most is a subpoena, where Trump would not be afforded counsel and would be open to having to answer any and all questions asked of him. Limiting the lines of questioning is the best play they have.

Of course, if Trump did nothing wrong, then this makes little difference. But it seems quite apparent that his legal team understands that he is at jeopardy, as he probably did do something wrong. Or many things wrong.


Public perception. As Rudy stated, this is all a PR campaign ahead of a possible impeachment.