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Yep. I mean he can’t even make up stuff that would take more than a two second Google check to debunk.

Your explanation as to why he does this is probably very accurate.


I am not expecting anything but a continued downward trajectory as this goes on. I can’t remember who but someone here frequently says we haven’t seen bottom yet, and so long as Donald is in office I concur. His very nature fosters incivility and discord.

Once he is gone? I’m not naive about the nature of DC/politics, and the inherently corrupting nature of it. That said, if the GOP were to cast the Trump era off with a candidate and a platform that called for a return to some bare semblance of civility and integrity, even that small gesture would make me consider re-registering as a Republican after more than twenty years away. The pendulum has to swing back, and soon.

That would not mean supporting Mike Pence, however. That man’s credibility was shot the moment he got into bed with Donald, and remains absent with his continued silence in the middle of this dumpster fire.


“Throughout our history, we have seen the presidency as the repository of all of our highest hopes and ideals and values. To demand less is to do an injustice to the blood that bought our freedoms.”

That’s Mike Pence talkin’ about what the Presidency means and what we should demand of it, to the point of impeachment if necessary.

Well, that’s Mike Pence talkin’ when it isn’t Donald Trump as President.


Fair to say, Pence demanded less two years ago and hasn’t recovered.


Mike Pence is a hypocrite of the highest order. I wish someone would ask him how he feels about trump banging playboy bunnies while his wife was pregnant.


“thoughts and prayers”


Fake christians make me sick.


“All I can say is…PLAY     BOY     BUNNIES! What’s not to like?!”


Many dogs apparently think a big dog’s butt smells good too.






Thanks for living up to our expectations of your contributions. Well done, you MAGA’d the ■■■■ out that one. :+1:


Just a simple man … using lessons from the world around me.


Can you describe Chicago’s current very strict gun control laws?


They’re pretty strict - but less so than say LA or NY. The problem there is the black market, fueled by gun shows in Illinois’ far less strict neighboring states.

Oh, you didn’t ask me. Sorry.


Such a weasel


So Chris Murphy tweeted the following

In response, Jay Caruso of the Dallas Morning News and formerly Red State, said this. Have to say I agree with Caruso. Yes Jones is a dirt bag and got what he deserved. But Murphy is taking it to a whole new level.


This is nothing compared to trump calling the press “the enemy of the people”


whataboutism, whataboutism. whataboutism.

Seems we can’t post anything about Ds or anyone on the left without WHAT ABOUT TRUMP

And it’s not “nothing” when a US Senator is calling for the banning of websites he disagrees with. Plus he’s an absolute moron if he thinks the country depends on social media for survival.


Social media does have a problem with racism and misogyny.

I am not sure how to address it. My thought would be that the algorithms not be so focused as to promoting the same type of content.


And he said it on Fox and Friends during Trump’s Executive time. :rofl: