This day in Politics


It’s one of those impersonal tides of history vs. history bending to the will of great men things.

Did Republicans really want this to happen? I don’t think. But it seemed an excellent idea to cast liberals as evil. Then to have GOP-TV masquerading as news. Then to call liberals traitors and terrorist lovers. Then to convince conservatives they weren’t really Republicans when Duby dropped the ball. And on and on until it culminated in this.


hell, i saw it coming and posted about it a zillion times. it wasn’t hard to see at all.


The whole outrage/confirmation-bias-as-entertainment platform really got going around then too. Millions of people (including my beloved dad) started filling their heads with this toxic divisive garbage for hours a day and it changed them.


So in other words, this is ALL the fault of Republicans, Fox news and especially Trump.

I can see why a lot of conservatives, whether they support Trump or not, don’t bother to post here much anymore. Impossible to have an honest debate when one side casts 100% of the blame to the other side.


No one is stating that Joanne.


Why the Trump Tower meeting might have been illegal, and why the Steele dossier is not:


Controlling for these variables is almost like removing them when black people vote almost 100% for Democrats. The outcome of the analysis is obvious…like taking the inner product of two orthogonal vectors…

Dont play your “I know something you don’t game”. You will lose more than you will win.


Controlling for variables is nothing like removing entire subsets of the population in question. It’s even less like it when there is significant variation in these subsets with regard to their voting problems.

I don’t mean to do this. I’d rather have an actual discussion instead of teaching you basic statistics because it’s clear by your responses it’s clear you don’t understand the issue.


Don’t forget about Rush Limbaugh. Where do you think Gingrich got the idea to cast liberals and democrats as evil?



It’s one of the reason I always say I am a liberal Democrat and proud of it. I refuse(d) to be cowed by people like that.


But yeah… all the terrible things going on these days are all the fault of Republicans and especially Trump.


In this thread some are.


What the ■■■■. Ok let’s see the explanation for this one


If his lips are moving he’s lying.


We have a POTUS that benefits from and promotes the breakdown of civil society in America. The fringe on both sides will continue to perpetuate these acts, and in increasing severity/frequency.

It’s a long way to 2020 - we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


He keeps saying things that can easily be disproven. But his minions don’t care.


The explanation is, Donald’s an insecure narcissist with an insatiable and neurotically unhealthy need for the validation of others. When he can’t find it, he seeks solace in fantasies of his own making.


I have no doubt we are seeing the breakdown of civil society. It’s a lot different than the 80s and even the 90s. Trump, or someone like him, would not have had a chance in those decades.

If things weren’t already headed down hill we’d have a President Rubio, Mark Warner, maybe Nikki Haley or Amy Klobuchar. Instead we got Hillary and Don.


That’s as good an explanation as we are likely to hear. Makes sense too.


It’s the strangest and most distressing thing about all of this. This isn’t even willful denial of deflection about the fact that Donald is a pathological liar, it’s the partisan-motivated willful and sometimes enthusiastic embrace of that fact. He lies to their faces, and they love him for it.