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Is the racial makeup of people with less than a high school diploma similar to that of the general population?

I’ll save you the work. It’s not. Black and Hispanic races/ethnicies are disproportionately represented in this group, which are voting groups that heavily favor Democrats.

When you control for race, the effect shows that lower education is correlated with voting Republican.


Have you ever heard of Maxine Waters?

Do you think it’s helpful for some Democrats to use extreme rhetoric, such as people will die if Obamacare is repealed, the tax cuts are passed, etc?

Republicans have been called terroriists and evil. You think this type of rhetoric from Corey Booker, a likely 2020 candidate, is helpful?

What about this from Nancy Pelosi


You used to be a fair minded person. Obviously not now.

And you are amused at what is happening now, because the chickens are coming home to roost or whatever.


Remove minorities from the “less than high school” demographic and maybe we would find that they have been voting Republican. Remove minorities from the female demographic and… women voted for Trump.


Joanne, trump acts and talks like a bully. It’s natural/logical that his followers will follow the same path.


Come on, Joanne. Whataboutism is your stock and trade.


I’m not talking about removing them, I’m talking about controlling for these variables.

Like I said, not sure you understand the concepts at play Jeff.


Lots of people WILL die if they lose their health insurance. Why would you think otherwise?


That’s not rhetoric. People who can’t get health insurance do indeed die.

When social welfare programs are cut real people suffer terribly.

Are we to pretend that everything will be hunky dory when social safety nets are destroyed?

And don’t even get me started on our democratic institutions that are being systematically destroyed by Trumplicans and his sycophants in Congress.

They are the only ones sowing the seeds of discord and what we are seeing is the result.


It’s amusing y’all act like my opinion has changed much over the years. When conservatives were doing all the extreme Tea Party stuff that turned out to be mostly fake and doing the we oppose Obama on everything including if he agrees to one of our proposals and maybe we’ll crash the economy if we don’t get what we want and we won’t vote on his judges or even executive branch appointments six, seven, eight years ago, I was saying “What the ■■■■ are you guys gonna do if you get back into power? You are setting the worst possible precedent to make governing all but impossible?”

And what happened? Conservatives elected a YouTube comment section president. Conservatives are openly embracing white supremacists because liberals hate them. Despite holding both houses and the presidency they can’t get anything passed besides a tax cut, including the signature policy of the GOP for the last decade, repealing Obamacare. And liberals, unsurprisingly, are using the same tactics you used against Democrats when they held both houses and the presidency.

So it is disingenuous to act like my opinion has changed. I’ve been predicting this would happen for years and years. This “who could have possibly seen this coming?” attitude is ridiculous.


I don’t disagree. The problem is too many on the left think it’s only one side doing it.

Do you think Democrats saying people will die because of Republicans may have played a part in what motivated a nut to try and kill them?


Funny world, isn’t it, after years of being looked down upon as amoral and unprincipled and told so in no uncertain terms by nine tenths of the conservative posters here and a fair amount of liberal ones too, that most of a decade later I turn out to be one of the most consistent posters in my beliefs and principles?


So you think this all started when Obama was in office? I actually think it started when Clinton was in office.

It’s just on triple steroids now.


It reached its height during Obama. It did start during Clinton: Newt Gingrich’s idea in the wake of the Cold War to cast American liberals as pure evil out to destroy the country since there were no more Soviets has turned out to be one of the worst political blunders overall as a nation anyone has ever made.

But let’s not pretend that it was hard to see this coming.


I think the turning point was the impeachment of bill Clinton. That’s when the hyperpartisandhip in Congress really began and things escalated from there.


Oh that’s right. I’d forgotten that.

It’s no surprise Newt became a big Trumoster.


This is a very damn good point.


it’s the Alabama/Auburn thing. you get one of the coaches on TV or Twitter inflaming things 24/7 and the other side is gonna react/go off. doesn’t make it right but it would happen.

all the leader of our country has to do is stop trashing his fellow Americans (but it’s all on purpose of course). hell, he’d already have been banned here. think about that. if donald was a nobody he’s be banned from this message board. one of my timeouts came with the advice “contemplate how to be more civil”.

maybe Sasha And Malia could spend some time with him and train him how to let criticism bounce off his back.


This is around the same time Fox News started broadcasting as well. It was the perfect storm.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ Eh, Gingrich is a political opportunist. He didn’t do it because he knew where it would head, he did it because short term he knew it would win elections and paralyze Clinton.

And he’s a big Trumpist now because that’s what’s popping in the GOP. He’s always for what’s popular among conservatives. He was a Duby supporter, then a Tea Party Guy, then an anti Obama on everything guy, anti Trump and then pro Trump.