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Back at the other board, used to have “Trump Daily Tidbits” for small items related to Trump I thought were interesting, but not necessarily worth an entire lone thread. So I thought I’d start a similar thread for all small political tidbits. My inspiration was this piece that had me saying “wut?” from one of my own Congress critters:

It seems Mo Brooks has this hypothesis that many Republicans are retiring because they fear assassination! And he blames the Bernie Bros for it, believes they would rather kill Republicans that vote them out.

What a loon!


Why not make this thread Trump Daily Tidbits?


'Cause the first item isn’t about Trump! No, just wanted a thread to cover all of interesting political items that aren’t worth an entire thread (imo). This will obviously include some Trump tidbits!


LMAO - fear of assassination at the polls is more like it.


That gets to the heart of it. :wink:


How silly, it’s not like anyone has tried to kill a lot of elected Republicans lately…


If you ignore softball


Brooks would make just as much sense suggesting Republicans are avoiding softball for fear of getting shot.


You don’t think some are?

Interesting the left’s multiple issues with softball.


I think it’s patently ridiculous to suggest Republicans are refusing to run for re-election because they’re worried about being assassinated in any capacity except the polls. What the hell?


And yet an assassination attempt was made.


I can tell you this, without a large personal fortune to pay for enhanced security for me and my family I wouldn’t consider entering national politics, especially as a conservative. Hell, I won’t even post as one under my own name, for the same reason.

I made the mistake of mentioning what email provider I used a week or so ago on the old forum when I didn’t get a confirmation email for this one, the very next day someone had used that information to sign me up for several less than wholesome hook up and dating sites in what I assume was some sort of attempt to cause me marital problems. I doubt it was another conservative.


Poor Cohen, said he’d take a bullet for Trump…bye bye Mikey.

David Pecker wants Cohen to know, he’s on his own.


That’s incredibly lame that somebody did that to you. Sorry to hear that.


There was also an assassination attempt on a D congresswoman, you don’t see Dems resigning enmass.


Unless he can produce politicians who have expressly stated they aren’t running for re-election because they’re afraid of getting assassinated, Brooks is just indulging his persecution fetish.


That’s terrible. How did they get your email address from just you listing what provider you use? Also, I thought one’s email could be kept invisible - that’s what it says on my profile, anyway.

You should bring this to the attention of the mods, especially if you suspect it’s someone attempting to destroy your personal life. Good luck.


Sounds like he might have used [email protected]


I don’t want to go into the details for obvious reasons. And I don’t see the point of going to the mods because I can’t see any way they could identify who did it. I just closed out that email account and changed the log-in of the sites associated with it. It’s far from the only account I have, I know better then to use the same email account for something like this board and anything associated with financial information or anything else I care about security on, it was a petty annoyance for me, but could have been much worse for someone who doesn’t take the kind of security precautions I do.

They didn’t get the password to it or anything, but they didn’t need that to attempt to sign me up to sketchy sites which then sent confirmation emails to me as well as spamming that mailbox.


Jared (where is he?!?) Kushner had to update his Ethics Disclosure at least 40 times!