This country really, really, really needs to deal with patent trolls

This country really, really, really needs to deal with patent trolls.

Apple is closing two stores that are physically located within the boundaries of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. A store will be open in an area geographically close to the Eastern District, but within the boundaries of the Northern District.

By removing an corporate presence in the Eastern District, they will thwart patent trolls lawsuit in the Eastern District, a venue notoriously friendly to civil patent plaintiffs, whether they be legitimate plaintiffs or trolls.

But it is pathetic that companies are forced to abandon markets because of these worthless entities called patent trolls, that ironically can ONLY exist because of government patent law.

A law is needed that would require that a company actually be USING patents or be actively developing products or services using said patents, before they would be allowed to sue to enforce patents. A company that buys patents, but does not use them productively, should be barred from enforcing patents. Patent troll firms are composed of lawyers for the most part, whose sole purpose is to acquire patents and then search for infringements and shake down firms for money.

Many promising startup companies have been wrecked or utterly destroyed by patent trolls.

Something needs to be done to shut these damaging entities down.

When a company like Apple is forced out of an area to try to protect itself, that is prima facie evidence patent trolls are out of control.

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I’m excited about a patent concept being promoted by a company called PatentBooks. It could revolutionize the patent market.

Here is a map that illustrates the situation.

The two stores that will be closing within the Eastern District of Texas, and the one opening in the Northern District of Texas. By removing its corporate presence from the Eastern District, Apple hopes to escape the clutches of that patent plaintiff friendly court.

On a related note, it will be interesting to see what becomes of this developing situation in Waco, which is in the Western District of Texas.

United States District Judge Alan Albright, recently appointed, is an Intellectual Property expert and intellectual property cases are already being filed in the Western Division of Texas at his Waco courtroom. Hopefully, he won’t be another patent plaintiff friendly judge. If he is, the Western District of Texas could be turned into the same IP **** hole that the Eastern District of Texas currently is.

While I do think that will be helpful to companies, unfortunately it will do nothing to deter patent trolls.

ive printed several patent books where i work so im not sure about that being revolutionary.

Written work and original designs are more credible than digital.