This country needs to figure out a better way to handle State v State water wars, rather than under Supreme Court original jurisdiction

This was one of the cases that was just postponed by the Supreme Court, which is why it was brought to my attention. It really deserves mentioning.

This case was docketed on July 27, 1974. Only the two oldest Justices were actively practicing law when this case was docketed and Justice Thomas had just been admitted to the bar in June of 1974. Justice Gorsuch had yet to turn 7 years of age. :smile:

This case arose under the Pecos River Compact of 1949. The Compact was agreed to by the United States, New Mexico and Texas after the two States had quarreled over the river from back when New Mexico was still a territory shortly after the Mexican Cession.

The Pecos River Settlement Agreement was signed in 2003 but obviously hasn’t brought an end to this long running mutual ******* contest.

Having the Supreme Court babysit these many long running water wars is simply a stupid and inefficient way of doing things.

And Executive Agency, rather than a court, should be handling these kind of matters, with the ability to set up binding arbitration if necessary.

Instead, we have a case screwing around in the Supreme Court for approaching half a century with most of the original participants long dead.

And several other similar river cases have been pending, some for even longer periods.

We really need to rethink how we handle river disputes.