This about sums up today society . . . report a crime and get abusive questions :D


I saw that. The liberal idiocy never stops.

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“In my (bleep) car minding my own (bleep) business and a (bleep) deer jumps out and hits my car.”

After that dispatch fires me because I would have burst out laughing.


Here’s the infamous Florida 9-1-1 call:


There are versions of that call that run longer, and by the end the dispatcher (and others in the background) can be heard snickering.

“Now who should get the deer – me or the (bleep) dog?”

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Political Correctness at its finest. Helping Crime thrive in America
is a major part of the Liberal Socialist Agenda. That’s why they want
open borders.

Over 66 percent of the Prison system is black or Hispanic.

You know why that is…:thinking::thinking::thinking: ?
It’s because of all those White Devil Cops! :wink:

It’s got nothing to do with them committing crimes at all statistically and mathematically over other races. If anyone thinks that then they’re just an ignorant Racist. lol.


Oh if you only knew . . . if you only knew . . . . .


The Bambulance is a classic. I had forgotten about it. :slight_smile:

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Just like Drugs being legalized, anything and everything that Democratic Politicians do that is immoral, sick, or illegal is always justifiable, and they should never
be prosecuted or judged for anything that they do wrong.

That’s how their two tier Justice system works. Cause if they’re prosecuted,
it’s not because they died anything illegal, or wrong. It’s only because the
people prosecuting them are judging them, and wrong. lol. Sadly this is the truth
in their new Socialist America.

I’m always going to call it the United States of America. Even if I have to go to jail for saying it and being politically incorrect. Maybe the Dem politicians can have it called the Socialist States of America one day. Especially, since they seem to enjoy not “Uniting” Americans at all.


When white people have Black faces, it’s racist,

But what is it when a Black person has a white face? lol
(Michael Jackson)


Who said the following?:

"It feels like if I had said it was a Muslim, or a Mexican, or someone black, I feel like the doubters would’ve supported me a lot more, and that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now,”


10 Char


Thought no one would ever ask. Smollett.


The movie “White Chicks”

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lol. Democratic Privilege.

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There are a lot of things to criticize wacko Jacko about, child molestation for instance, but his skin is not one of them.

He suffered from severe vitiligo that as is typical was worsening as he aged. I happen to have it myself but so far its confined to my torso and being a pasty white guy its not really obvious. For Jackson though all his bleaching attempts were to try and even out his skin tone because it so much more noticeable on darker people. I can’t really fault him for that because people of all races and genders often try to hide physical flaws and what he did was no different. I’d probably do the same if mine ever spread to my face and made me look freakish.


No he didn’t, he had the melanin cells killed off with laser treatments. He did everything he could to look less like his dad and more like his sister.


Do you think that Michael Jackson ever raped a young boy?
and if so, do you think that’s is ok?

Personally, as a former parent I would never let my son stay at his never never ranch.
But that again, I’m a Conservative. lol.


Which part of my first sentence was unclear to you?


you’re right. Michael Jackson was a proud black man.

Does anyone know what his white kids look like now? lol.


The Democrat Party= the Party that allows crime= Sanctuary Cities and the protection of illegal immigrants and drug lords, and illegal criminals= Anarchy