Third parties seem to be taking 2020 off

The three more notable third parties in this country, Libertarian, Green and Constitution, seem to be taking the 2020 Presidential election off.

Ok, not literally. :smile:

Figuratively, yes.

Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian Party candidate and was its Vice Presidential candidate in 1996. She is an academic and pretty much a non-entity.

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate. He is a retired Teamster. He is a perennial candidate. This is his 25th campaign for public office. He has never won.

Don Blankenship, a crook, is the Constitution Party candidate at the national level. In protest, several State Constitution Parties rebelled and nominated their own individual candidates.

None of the third parties is getting any press mention this cycle unlike 2016 and are only expected to garner a fraction of the vote they got in 2016.

This could help Trump in some States, Biden in others.

I’ve seen it said that jorgenson is on the ballot in all 50 states (a good thing for biden supporters to remember, seeing as how no one is really a “biden voter”).

What about the others??

We already know dimocrats are fighting legal battles to keep a black man off the ballot.

Considering that third party candidates got 5.04% of the vote in 2016, I can see why they are sitting this one out. I’m not sure how it will break between Biden and Trump. But I would expect that Biden would get the majority of them.

Third parties may have sunk Hillary in Pennsylvania.

A small but significant number of votes broke for candidates other than the two main ones there.

In a close election…doesn’t take many.

I’m a Biden voter.

We’ll see.

Just like so many of you claim “there are no Bush supporters” around anymore.

When biden loses in a historic, MASSIVE LANDSLIDE, we’ll see how many “biden voters” there really are.

Im not aruging any politics today. But i will ask this -
Why do supporters of 3rd parties only seem to come out every 4 years and only focus on the presidency.

If I were trying to launch a successfull 3rd party - I wouldnt start with the top spot. I would focus on local races. Mayors, state reps. Once I won a few races locally under a 3rd party platform I would fund raise and spend all my effort to elect a couple congressman, senators, Govs (I know its been done before. But then people seem to jump to presidency). I wouldnt even focus or spend ANY money towards a president canidate until I had 5% of something. Congress, senate, Govonorship, state legs…something.

Focusing on the Presidency when you havent other races seems pointless.


I will always be a 2020 Biden voter.

Good question. Back in the mid-1980’s I went to visit a few of my customers in Idaho. And the local folks in multiple cities told me the same story. A whole bunch of Mormons had moved there from Utah. And one of the first things they did were to get their folks on school boards and city council’s. They also thought that it would not take long form them to start running in state races.

Like the Donald did.

I remember someone here saying it’s about the federal funds.

And look how that’s worked out.

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I was, am and always will be a supporter of the Bush family and especially G.W.Bush and I am proud to say so

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I like W. too.

Good man.

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Exactly. It’s been great watching the deep state dismantle their house of cards, throw everything they can find at POTUS, and it all just bounce off his integrity and explode back in their faces

I do think they run in lower races, i’ve seen them on ballots; occasionally they even hold office somewhere. Presidential race is obviously just where they’re most visible especially because they get to play spoiler at times.

I can’t fully express how comforting your boast is for NeverTrumpers like me. Thanx.


It doesn’t look like that Biden lost in a massive landslide. He got over 76.4 million votes nationwide. That is about 5 million more votes than Trump.


I’m a Biden voter. Me, and 76 million other Americans. More than enough to take the White House back from that miserable, orange bastard.

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The “historic” and “massive” predictions were right, in terms of voter turnout.

50% accurate!