Things that make ya go "Hmmm..."

Ohio ain’t having their primary…

Republican governor…I wonder what party that “Health Director” belongs to.

Call me crazy…

< looking for my roll of Reynolds Wrap…

Could this be a precursor?

I’m going “Hmmmm…”

Her name is Amy Acton, MD, MPH, Director of Health .

This is a glowing article about her (pre-cancelling the primary). Doesn’t mention her political affiliation.

The Primary wasn’t cancelled it was postponed until June 2nd.

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<Still preparing my hat baby!

what i just said.

(I really need help navigating this new format baby)

No, that isn’t what you said.

There were many “glowing” articles about folks you and others disagreed with in the past…

<Still fashioning my tinfoil hat…

I can also understand why decided to SUPPORT…
some of the “items/things” Ford, Carter. Regan, Bush1, Clinton, Bush 2, Barack did.

and AGRI and folks like me, folks on the “left”…

As IF we are your greatest “enemy”…
Folks like you have to “fight” against…on any and EVERY level…even though you “get” it… yall DO understand that you have, in my not so humble opinion.a “toddler”" sitting behind the “resolute” desk

And as some folks on the “Left” feel also!..

Uh oh. They’re catching on to the “plan”.

You remember well…and it was exacerbated by there being no provided proof…that took years to come.

Hats are very important for gardening. :wink:

Only IF a person is “melanin challenged” baby.


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It’s always a challenge being this ridiculously good-looking, but I do my part anyway.