Things like this is why Trump is good for America

Space X, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Orbital ATK

Some of the companies that are getting ready for commercial space travel (for lack of better word).

Space X and and ORbital ATK are currently supply the space station. Space X has visions of Mars. Virgin Galactic has wild visions as well.

Trump signed a directed last week to accomplish:

The directive, which grew out of the council’s February meeting at Kennedy Space Center in Florida:

-Requires the Department of Transportation to “reform the regulatory system” for launch and reentry.
-Mandates the Department of Commerce update rules governing satellite imagery, known as “remote sensing,”
-Creates a “one-stop shop” at the Commerce for commercial space companies.
-Calls for a Space Council review of licensing rules pertaining to commercial space flight activity to determine whether further streamlining should occur.

Seems like it takes a while to get a launch apprived, and they hope to shorten the time:

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At face value this directive will seem to help he private space industry. Nothing about this decision is uniquely “Trump” though. The private space industry was already growing before he got here. Good for him, but ultimately he will never be good for this country.


We need Trump for this why?

You really think a Dem president would be for less regulation? Or would they try and throw more regulations on the emerging industry?

You really think a sane Republican president wouldn’t address the private space industry in a similar way?

In the General election we didn’t have a choice but Hillary or The Don.

This is why I voted for The Don.

Another GOOD thing (but Dem’s will be throwing a hissy fit over)

Limiting Union workers to 25% of their work day on Unition business (Myself, I’d tell them, you work 8 hrs for the government/any business, you’ll get paid for 8 hours. You can do you union job on your own time and let them pay you for it.).

Speeding up negotiations with the federal unions.

Cutting the final corrective action to 30 days then the federal employee can be fired.

The US Space Launch Competitiveness Act/Space Act of 2015 would like a word.


Your thread title should have been, “Things like this are why Republicans are good for America.” Trump is not good for America.

The reasons you had to post this thread at all is to justify to your soul why you voted for a stupid, racist, sexual predator to line your pockets. Stop pretending you aren’t culpable with the decline of America. Did you read about infants being forcibly separated from their parents? That’s on you.

Soooooooooooo took from 2015 til Trump acts in 2018? Why didn’t Bamma do something then?

Other one got deleted as I was quoting it :smiley:

I love my edit button

Nope. That’s on the parents who choose to come here in violation of OUR laws. It’s 100% on them. They at some point in the future should thank their parents for what they caused.

This op is a failed attempt at rationalizing the support of a fool.

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As opposed to racist Hilary Clinton who once called black teens “Super Predators?” As opposed to Hilary Clinton whose husband is in fact a sexual predator as opposed to Trump who just consensually bangs porn stars? As a former president, rapist Bill Clinton would have been the most powerful first spouse of all time and would obviously have taken on position of immense power and control in the white house from giving advice to being consulted on everything.

Trump absolutely sucks. He really does. But don’t pretend that Hilary was any better because she isn’t and her rapist husband especially isn’t. And I voted for him twice.


By reducing red tape more investment will be made and thus greater technology advancement will be achieved.

No thoughts on the streamlining of commercial space fligh?

Or of being able to get rid of bad government workers faster, AND paying them to do their jobs – not the union work?


A broken analog clock is correct twice a day.

That doesn’t mean it’s a working clock.

Rationalize away though.

As long as there are regulations for safety and security still on the books…I am ok with getting rid of pork regulations.

Not sure what I would consider unnecessary since safety and security can be broad requirements.

Still no comments on the two.

How about starting the roll back of EPA fuel milage since at this point in time it’s unattainable?

You have to have some thoughts of your own. Come on lets here them.

Should it take 6 months from a company (proven track record) to get approval for their next launch time?