Things are starting to smell fishy with the impeachment inquiry

Recent reports raise troubling questions about the origin of the allegations that form the basis of the House impeachment inquiry. Here are three examples:

  1. Rules were changed that allowed whistleblower complaints based on second-hand information:
    ICIG Admission Of Whistleblower Changes Raises Explosive New Questions

  2. The Democrats very quickly moved to start an impeachment inquiry even before any real investigation, and Schiff may have had the complaint before it was filed:

  3. The two whistleblowers appear to have political biases against Trump:
    Former CIA officer questions whether second whistleblower also has political bias | Fox News

Are Democrats and their supporters in the intelligence community and the state department ignoring any pretense of due process and rule of law in order to push through the impeachment?

Are the new allegations part of the “insurance policy” that FBI agent Strzok discussed to handle the unlikely event that Trump was elected?


Casting doubt on the credibility of the whistleblowers doesn’t work because the administration has confirmed practically everything in the whistleblower report to be true.

The White House’s defense line has already contracted around the interpretation of the information.


This tripe again? Type in this search …

ICIG statement whistleblower form


You know how this works. Post something that proves it false, and it’s like it’s never been read.

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Many Democrats are claiming that they need to impeach Trump to save the rule of law and the constitution.

If the whistleblower(s) illegally leaked information to congress and/or the press before filing a complaint, does that mean that the impeachment investigation is violating the rule of law and constitutional rights to due process?

Are the Democrats destroying what they are claiming to be defending in their zeal to get Trump?

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No due process and no disclosure, it’s like the crime of WINNING the election President Trump lost all his rights. It’s bat crazy stuff. :crazy_face:

The DNI and the ICIG have both repeatedly confirmed that the whistleblower followed the law to the letter.


Sounds a lot like they are members of the Deep State. Investigation?

Liberals have NO PROBLEM with a police-state, as long as they’re the ones running it.

The law doesn’t matter when dealing with Democrats. Laws only apply to Trump and his team.

None of those hypotheticals would turn Trump’s alleged crimes into not-crimes, so he would still be impeached.

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The only thing that smells is your links/sources.


Yes there was time travel involved in this vast conspiracy .

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The left wants to create a system, by hook or crook, wherein only Democrats can win the election. They’ll cheat and game the system in order to create a one-party oligarchy in America that is similar to the Chinese Communist Party. Democrats will make it so that no Republican will be able to run and will be accused of crimes if they do, investigated and eliminated. Conversely, as Hillary demonstrates, Democrats can commit high crimes and they won’t be charged and probably not even investigated.

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Your naivete is cute.

Investigating Democratic crime is certainly a crime.

You sure sound familiar to me.

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I would post a laughing Tom Cruise picture, but there’s already too much childish meme-posting on this board lately.

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I’d delete that, if I were you. Personal attacks are frowned on here.

Hillary committed multiple, serious crimes and, not only was she not charged, she was nominated by the Democratic Party to be president.