Things Are Going Really Good

Not so affordable Obamacare.

America is by no means perfect but there are a whole lot of other worse countries to live in.

And there are several better ones when it comes to aggregate health care outcomes.

Indeed, for-profit health insurance in the US is a bitch. Good argument to adopt Medicare for All.

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Obama never ran $1trillion deficits at full employment. In fact he left office with about $475bil deficit and 4.8% unemployment.

Ya’ll act like the 2008 financial crisis never happened


Those 20s ended well


When government owns your healthcare, they own you. Pretty basic stuff.


Not really. I like pay to play. Why should I be invested in others healthcare? Or why should anyone be invested in mine?

It’s ok you dont have to mention the deficit while enjoying a trump leg thrill

Obama doubled the national debt. Quit playing this bogus game where we pretend that one political party or the other is fiscally good. Face it. They both suck.


Obama inherited 800k jobs lost a month and $1.3trillion deficits and a financial system at near collapse. You’re blaming the fire fighter for the half burned down house. Pretty dishonest.

The last 2 democratic presidents drastically lowered deficits, then the GOP blew them up. BOTH times. The first step is reducing the deficit.


You cant magically cut 10%+ of the GDP during a fiscal crisis. GDP was around $15trillion in 2009

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Different circumstances back then.

Obama gave us the slowest recovery. Nobody can say if only I had those days back. What we had with obama was make everyone equally poor so any improvement was a gain. Too bad liberals have fo be dishonest with their assessment with Obama.

One of the longest sustained job growths in history. Unemployment fell faster than Reagan.


I’ll take slow and steady over hyper booms and busts. The 20s ended badly and so did the 2000s.

If you guys want to party then prepare for the hangover


Trump is awesome

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Another great Trump chart.

Seems the only trend trump could break was the deficit.

Facts are painful



I also get a kick out of trumpists bragging about african american unemployment


Obama had a terrible recovery. It’s too bad we all had to endure his reign of ignorance.

Record corporate profits for many years so bad