They're back! The Obamas enter into to a deal with Spotify to produce podcasts

This is some nice news. Barack and Michelle Obama, as part of their Higher Ground production company, will produce exclusive podcasts for Spotify. The deal is similar to the video pact struck with Netflix. The Obamas won’t be heard on all, but they will be heard on some according to the story.

This is a nice development. Their positive attitude is something we can really use these days – and a lot of it. Hope we see the initial programming from these deals really soon.

Spotify and Netflix — two very prominent media companies. They’ve made good choices.

I follow Barack Obama’s Instagram feed. In the same manner that Donald will never rise to McCain’s level of military heroism, he will never match Obama’s level of intellect and decency.


W is like, “even I got that covered”. I bet he even ends up on that podcast.

It’s kinda hard to do the later when you been cheating on multiple wives for many, many decades after all

you know your name reminds me of this person I know on here.


you dont say? have you ever seen him in the same room as me?what do you think @mobulis ?

I will be sure to give it a one star

I don’t think they’ll care how you feel about it…

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I don’t follow the Obamas but I think this deal with Spotify is pretty cool.

So you will give a low rating to something that you will not actually have experienced?Interesting character trait.

Personally I am not interested in what they have to say but i know millions will.

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I doubt that it will be a high rated show for Netflix. I think this is a political statement for them rather than a business move. But, they can do as they please.

Spotify doesn’t even have star ratings.

That proves Spotify is part of the deep state, how dare they not facilitate the opinions and thoughts of conservatives.


Spotify is shadow banning the opinions of people who’ve never used it! It’s an outrage!


We will have to have deep state take care of this.

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So you think that Obama will never collaborate with the enemy and make Tokyo Rose broadcasts?
I hope you’re right.

It was pretty clear what I meant. :wink:

Tokyo Rose? Man, how old are you? :wink:

The obamas love being 1%ers.

Even more seriously though, has anyone ever been paid more to do so little??

There is no value to anything they are producing.

Old enough to have heard this.