They / them use it or be charged

All I can say is WOW. What is America coming to?

Wisconsin middle schoolers accused of sexual harassment for using wrong gender pronouns

Weird article, it says the school charged them, I don’t think schools can charge people.


We are living in the new woke society. Anything is possible.

Remember the FBI branded parents as potential domestic terrorist for questioning school boards.

One more time for the slower kids:



Perverted left-wing sexual freaks are out in full force…and school charging em? When did that happen?


That is the way it used to be.

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Apparently the school filed a title IX complaint against the three boys. The families are challenging the complaint and the school has said it will not comment on the specifics of this case. The specifics of this story, for now, have come from one of the student’s mom.

Personally, this seems like something the administration should have been able to work out with the students and families, without getting into complaints and formal reprimands. But this is the age we live in.


Males sometimes dressed as females and insist the planet pretend that they are real biological females, etc.

Kids pretend to be Batman, Superman, hamsters, puppies or other fantasy characters. We should not be forced into accepting their affiliations as reality so they feel better.


My suggestion to the parents? Sue the ■■■■ out of the school district, they’ll have a boatload of lawyers willing to take the case. Get a settlement, demand the resignations of every ■■■■■■■ involved then send their boys to a good private school.



From the linked article…” But Rabidoux said her son was merely sticking up for one of his friends…“She had been screaming at one of Braden’s friends to use proper pronouns, calling him profanity, and this friend is very soft-spoken, and kind of just sunk down into his chair,” Rabidoux said. “Braden finally came up, defending him, saying ‘He doesn’t have to use proper pronouns, it’s his constitutional right to not use, you can’t make him say things.’”… The mother told ABC 2 News that the new pronoun preference also caused confusion for her son, with her instructing him to just address the student by their name instead…“It’s plural. It doesn’t make sense to him. I said so, I told him to call them by their names.” Rabidoux said. Now the parents are calling on the charges to be dismissed through an attorney with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.”

One individual wants to be called They/Them.

Sexual harassment is a pretty serious thing. But the guess the left isn’t going to be happy until it completely mutilates the language.

This is stupid on so many levels.


Sounds like the person demanding and cursing, “they/them,” was the harasser.


What are you agreeing to today?

Yeah…the linked article said the “they/them” kid was screaming at a classmate for not obeying his/her preference of pronouns.

What action if any I wonder was taken against the screaming kid?


This is all coming from the accused student’s mother. Not to say it’s incorrect, just not corroborated.

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Good for the student’s mother for standing up to this nonsense.


Nothing is true I guess. The narrative you may be embrassing could be full of school super excuses?

You agree with the new age wokism?

Can’t say anything that could even remotely offend a certain subset of people. Anyone who is not straight and white and male is a protected class now.