They Lit Up the Room

I watch a lot of the true crime shows- Dateline, 48 Hours- ID Channel.

Invariable homicide victims are said by their friends to have “lit up the room” with their energy and personalities. They were always “kind and loving people”.
Never once have I heard one described as a jackass or a jerk.

I guess the moral to this is that if you know a person who is kind and loving and lights up the room, they probably won’t be around long.

LOL, ya. Just once I’d like to hear one of them described in a manner like - “you know what , they were kind of a sourpuss”. “meh, don’t really miss him. Pretty sure he stole my Ipad”. “She was a miserable person who rest of us tried to avoid”.

Dateline and 48 Hours aren’t going to devote an hour of airtime to jackwads.

This isn’t hard.