Thetrain wreck in globalist France, just got worse

Four dead. Others wounded. I’m not making any predictions. But do you think the gunman was named Pierre?

Another state in Utopia in disarray.

Where have all the Venezuelans gone?
Where have all the Venezuelans gone?
Where have all the Venezuelans gone, long time passing…

How many mass shootings do they have per capita compared to the US?

Obviously not enough.

323 mass shootings as of Nov 28 isn’t enough for you?

Ok. It’s funny that you care about something like this in France, yet when shootings happen in America … silence. Terrorism is scary, I know. But so is domestic violence. Something that kills about 2.5 women a day.


Born in France 29 years ago…

>Police have identified the suspect as Strasbourg-born Cherif Chekatt, 29,

Is it because of globalism or colonialism that he was born in France?

In France, do try to keep up.

Are ours caused by socialism?

Nothing on his parents. Strange.

My mistake. I didn’t realize you wanted more mass shootings. I must have misread what you wrote.

How is their style of democracy responsible?

Are you asking me to look that up for you?

Look this up while you are at it. Has public safety in France increased or decreased since the obsession with globalism began? What about the quality of life?

No, it was Chérif, another common French name.

You should apologize.

What’s our baseline? When did the obsession with globalism begin? And by “our obsession”, who does “our” refer to?

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The name is of Arabic origin and the suspect is a Muslim. But if it makes you happy. I’m sorry.:sob:

He’s French.

Right now it’s more of a Euro, E.U. and U.N. thing. But many in the U.S. want to follow their example of failure. Would you be happier if I used the word “their?” I probably should have. Sorry bout that.

I know! He’s an Arabic, French, Islamic terrorist. Glad we cleared that up!