There was an outbreak among the vaccinated

Like Florida Provincetown, MA is a popular tourist spot. Also a highly vaccinated population, 69%. Nonetheless there was an outbreak among the vaccinated population:

PS - This is NOT a thread trying to discourage vaccination. Both my wife and I are vaccinated.


From the link:

New data on the outbreak, released Friday, shows there were a known total of 469 COVID-19 cases “associated with multiple summer events” among Provincetown revelers. Three-quarters (74%) of those cases occurred among people who’d gotten their COVID vaccinations an average of almost three months before.

We’re gonna need more mandatory drugs!



Look at the numbers and it makes more sense.

As vaccination rates increase you will see a larger number of breakthrough infections because that is how statistics works.

If there is a large gathering of people where 75% of them are vaccinated, then the number of people who are vaccinated is a much larger pool of people than unvaccinated.

So even though the outbreak numbers are reduced because of vaccination it makes sense that the larger group of people would show more infections.

Does that make sense?

How many deaths and hospitalizations?

What is your point?

Do you think the folks who are pro-vaccine who think it is the one and only solution are going to care?

Things like this are important to the overall big picture.

My ears are open. Did the dems who fled Texas not spread Covid? Even though they were vaccinated? Just one small example.

Folks need to stop making this political and start seeing the bigger picture.


Let me make clear my intentions with this thread, which is simply that we are in the process of learning the efficacy of the vaccines. There are numbers being thrown around about the vaccines being 99% effective, which I ain’t buying. Heck the current flu vaccine is (I believe) about 50% effective. We need a lot more time and data before making any proclamations about the COVID vaccines.

That’s where I am going.

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when you consider the effectiveness of the vaccine, it makes sense when the vaccination rate exceeds 80%, until then, no.

Oh and spare me the every American needs to get the vaccine because going unvaccinated creates variants argument, whether or not we can convince an extra few percent of Americans to get the vaccine, there are billions of unvaccinated on the planet, our numbers are meaningless in that context.


That’s an argument for endless masking.

I know, right? They are flooding our borders (but nevermind).


The scary Delta started in India, and the vaccinated in America now spread it.


Prior to the outbreak in Provincetown the data shows that most people in the town had had at least one dose with 85% being fully vaccinated.

Every person in every county get vaccinated on the same day.

Every person in every country gets the second dose on the same day.

It would be interesting to see who is and who is not on board with that.

Since over a third of migrants refuse a free vaccine.

So, we are left with variants.

Get used to it. The Alpha is now a thing of the past.


The wealthy nations need to be ramping up the international effort to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

It is in our own interests to do so.

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I’m already used to it. It’s the meek bootlickers who are still clinging to the TV talking points.


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We have been trying. It’s not working. People decided months ago whether or not to get a shot. The begging and pleading has not worked at all.

How about we just take care of Americans first.

You good with that?

Cuba is being hit hard and refused our vaccinations.

You going to force it down their throats or else?

I just honestly want people to see that this is evolving and there isn’t one solution.

Put the bickering aside and start working together.


AstraZeneca has provided one billion shots. Millions of doses made right here in the U.S.A.