There should be NO Regulations Made by Bureaucrats

Thank Dawg at least one Conservative around here understands (and lives in) reality.

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No there aren’t.

:rofl: lobbyists

Reduce the busy work.

or an Anne Frank drag artist?

There was a simpler way to fix this. A new regulation, or update to an existing regulation. should not go into effect unless the proposed regulation is approved by congress. Instead of allowing them to go into effect unless rejected, they should only be allowed to go into effect if affirmatively passed by Congress.


Tell me you don’t know anything about how the regulatory process works without telling me you don’t know anything about how the regulatory process works.

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In your uninformed opinion, sure.


You’re being sold a myth.

Deal with it daily.

And yet you haven’t a clue. Sad.

To the extent living in that world for four decades is a myth, sure.


Yes, I really do. I do this for a living and I’m good at it.

That’s not what i think or how i think and you know it.

Anyway…i despise the administrative state that are made up of control freaks that often DO NOT know what they are doing or understand what they regulate. They often don’t understand the consequences or their over regulations and control freaking just to control freak. When they do understand often do not care it hurts others, in fact love the idea.


Time to stop doing it like everybody else.

I stopped working for a living by 2015. Doesn’t mean I don’t remember or know how it actually works in the reality-based world.

We’ve learned a lot since then.

No, you really haven’t.