THERE’S MORE? Sen. Warren Hints There Could be More ‘Documents’ Declaring Herself ‘American Indian’ | Sean Hannity

Embattled Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren suggested there could be more damaging documents related to her claims of Native American ancestry Wednesday; saying her BAR application was “consistent” with how she filed paperwork “at the time.”

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Family stories are not the same as blood. Having native blood is not the same as having tribal citizenship. The Tribes control who can and cannot claim tribal citizenship and many Tribes are very strict in their requirements. Most require a very specific percentage or higher of blood. At least some require that you be registered at birth. The last I heard, the Cherokee required that, if not registered at birth, you be sponsored by relatives who are registered. It is very possible for a person to have 100% native blood yet not be registered with a tribe, doesn’t mean they are not native american. However, just because you had an ancestor at Jamestown that had a native wife, doesn’t mean you can claim native status. Just like you shouldn’t claim to be African-American just because our ancestors migrated from Africa 100,000+ years ago.

Her historical history with Native Americans is true. But it’s not a positive statement. Her great, great, great uncle was a member of the Tennessee militia who drove the Cherokees from North Carolina to Oklahoma in what is now called the Trail of Tears.

The only straw she has left is to grab at her ‘consistency’. Like all communists - regardless under what disguise they try to appear - lying is their oxygen. They are destroyers and deceivers on two legs, constantly trying to obfuscate and hide fro those around them who they really are: agents of destruction.

She is so full of crap it’s ridiculous. She knew she wasn’t American Indian yet she used it to get the advantage, now it’s plaguing her and she’s trying to ease it down a few notches. Just like how she tried to show she was a normal person by stopping her recording to grab a beer, like we all do that. I haven’t seen anyone stopping a Utube video or a video on Facebook to say “excuse me while I suck down a brew”. It’s pathetic.