There is no hope!

If this study is true, then we are wasting a lot of time and money. Vaccines work because the result of them is anti-bodies. What good is a vaccine you’d have to take every 2 months and what kind of adverse effects would result from taking a vaccine that often? What good is slowing the spread of this decease going to do in the long run? Without a vaccine on the horizon, everything we’re doing is useless. There is no way to stop the virus. It will infect more people, we tried to make it effect less people at the same time so as not to overwhelm the medical system, but nothing we are doing will prevent anyone from getting COVID long term. All these plans are not designed to lower the number of overall cases, just to spread them out. What good does that do when the antibodies fade so quickly and persons can be reinfected? If this study is true, there is nothing we can do long term to stop this decease. And we surely cannot remain in one state or another of lock down for ever.

Does the article discuss how we might best mitigate the results in this situation? Surely no one is advocating to simply re-open everything and cross our fingers/stay home if you are scared?

what long term mitigation is there if this is true? You think people are going to wear masks for ever? Social distance for ever? Constantly shut down and reopen economies at each spike for ever? Because if this is true, there is no other answer I know of. I have heard that as the virus slowly mutates it weakens, so there is the hope that at some point it will weaken into the uncommon cold. Who knows, maybe this is how the common cold started… it is after all a corona virus.