There is no evidence that Shinzo Abe nominated Tump for a Nobel Peace Prize

Many, many people are saying that he got Abe mixed up with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

How embarrassing is that?

Trump thinks all Asians look the same, lol

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Exactly. :roll_eyes:


The Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., did not immediately respond to Fortune’s request for confirmation of Abe’s letter.

They’re probably furiously writing that letter now.

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We have a president who lays around and watches TV, tweets like a teenager and doesn’t know world leaders. Why in the world did we elect him?

Most wouldn’t admit it but not knowing stuff is a bit of an endearing quality as to what they look for in a candidate.

It’s like a macho/alpha leader thing to not bother to learn information - a nerd would do the opposite -therefore, it’s macho to be ignorant.

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I think in a lot of this cases it also goes back to church. Many people need that singular leader to follow.

Korea, Japan, all part of China Island