There is but one God and Allah's not his name

The Quran says that Muhammad is his prophet and that the moon god Allah has no sons.
If you murder Christians n Jews you get 70 virgins when you die, does that go for the women too?

The Bible says that Yahweh has many prophets and that he has a son who died for the sins of man and Yahushua/Jesus is his name.
If you Love God with all your heart, mind n soul and your neighbor as you do yourself, you’ve fulfilled all that is asked of you and you’ll be with him forever n ever, Jesus’s words not mine

Can anyone state specifically what a particular faith has to offer without dissing someone else’s? Is that really so hard to do?

It’s equally unappealing in other disciplines as well, whether it’s dissing a current artist to show an appreciation of oldies music, or a particular current gymnastics champion in paying homage to ‘70’s and ‘80’s performers. Qu’ran section as to what Iskam actually has to teach

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Not when you follow a “One Way” religion.

“One Wayism” by definition necessitates attacking any way that isn’t the “One Way”.

Isn’t Allah just Arabic for god?

The one thing those in the Christian faith have to remember is that we share the gospel in love (The Great commission commands it) without disparaging other faiths/religions. We got to get back basics and focus on the greatest sermon ever taught, The Sermon on the Mount. The biggest point of the Sermon is that believers become true disciples and incorporate the beatitudes in their lives. This gives us a higher standard of love, forgiveness and accountability. We cannot continue act the way we do and expect to win souls if we keep on attacking and saying bad things about an opposing faith/religion. If other faiths do it, let them, don’t mean we should dish it back out. I’m a Christian, my blood brother is a Muslim and me and him are quite okay. I respect his faith, he respects mine.

What needs to happen, we need to check ourselves and those who claim the Christian faith because there are many within the Body of Christ that have no room to be disparaging other religions. We have allowed WORLDLY politics to infiltrate and take over the Body of Christ. If Yeshua came back today He wouldn’t even recognize His bride.

FTR…The Christian Arabs past and present have no other word for God than Allah.

Meh, the Sermon on the Mount has a lot of good stuff in it but it is also sprinkled with some pretty bad injunctions too.

Nonsense. Other religions are wrong and evil. They should be mocked and destroyed.


He’s been on this kick for four years now.

I’ll give him credit. There’s no way I could stay in character that long.

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Specifically “The God,”


Without the definitive article the implication is the existence of many gods.

Yep same God in the Abraham religions.

Let’s not forget that Islam is a “one way” religion as well.

Most religions are, aren’t they? That’s how they get their followers - follow our God or either 1) go to Hell or 2) have your head chopped off for being an unbeliever.

His name is Chuck.

I would ask you to try Christianity as its genuine and will deliver a peace unto you that you have never experienced, but if you go in it half heartedly then it will give you nothing back. I would gleefully help you find peace in your heart if you are serious.

The word of God says to run from them that don’t follow the Gospel of Christ and don’t be partakers of false doctrines.

So that means we stop responding to you and run from this thread. Okay cool. :v:


There is no more evidence for Christianity than any other religion

Hence my belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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how many sons does the jewish god have?

last count was zero…

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First, who was Yahweh referring to in his first commandment?

He seemed to think there were other gods.


How do you define love, and is works and deeds along with reciprocity a part of your description?

Jesus seems to indicate that those aspects must be in the definition of love. After all, a one way love is stalking and not really love.
True love takes 2. Right?