The worst things about Biden paying off college debt

  1. The millions of people who have sweated and sacrificed to pay off their loans will feel as if they have been screwed. And they will be right.

2.What would justify this being a one time offer? He will have to do this again in two or three years.

Any others?

The worst thing about college is that most of the coursework for most students is a complete waste of time and money.


Not exactly. Liberals would rather you go to college than trade school. Trade schools are typically not used for propaganda.

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The thread title is misleading. Biden has no intention to pay off college debt himself. He is proposing that you pay off college debt.


How do you feel about Corporate bail outs? Subsidies to farmers. oil industries etc?

That’s a personal choice. My coursework was not a waste of time. But then, I chose to learn engineering, not some social feel good thing.

Wouldn’t those people be happy for those that don’t have to deal with the same burden they did?

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I will tell you if you start a thread about it. I don’t want to deflect focus from student debt just yet.

I’ve paid off my student loans. The only thing I’m upset about is that he’s not fighting to pay off more.

People would complain and scream “Socialist!” if he had called for canceling $1,000 instead of $10,000. He should have shot for the moon.


I doubt it. Most would not appreciate having to make sacrifices while have to fund others who didn’t. They might even want a retro-active buy out. Nope. Pretty sure not many people will feel that way.

Fair point. But I needed a title that slams Biden. So I came up with this.

People who say “I suffered through it and turned out fine,” are not really fine.

Why are students any less entitled to bail outs than farmers and businesses?

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I refinanced my house to help my daughter become a biologist. I wouldn’t mind having a little of that money back.

Again. Not the topic. Ask again and you will get the same reply.

It’s a giveaway to mostly rich people.


College grads can pay their own bills, they don’t need everyone else to pitch in.


They wouldn’t. Better to earn one’s way through and appreciate what they achieved than to come out as selfish, unappreciative, entitled feeling brats.

If you didn’t earn it you don’t appreciate it as a general rule.

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And the first prize winner is:

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Screw them students I want MINE!!