The World Series

Surprised no one else has opened up a topic on this. It’s been a good series so far. Both teams are playing very hard, but in my opinion, Boston is clearly the better team. After tonight (they scored five runs in the ninth), I think the Sox will definitely take it. (FYI, I attended my first game at Fenway. Saw Ted Williams.)

And Lordy. Donald Trump criticized Dave Roberts in a tweet tonight. Holy ■■■■■ Mark this down. I actually agree with him.

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Go Red Sox. End this series tonight.

Baseball fan, Red Sox look like they are wrapping it up and Kershaw a Hall of Famer for sure, has been a horrible post season pitcher, look like the Red Sox will wrap it up. Am a Giants fan, but anybody except the Dodgers.

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Also a Giants fan. Hope next year will have better things to look forward to.

They are still playing baseball?

Not anymore :wink: