The World Libs Are Demanding

“White dude wall”.

and then you see all those photos and it kind of reinforces whatever you might have been feeling at the time," says Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, a medical student at Yale.

Coming soon to an office near you.

“We really want to emphasize that we’re not trying to erase our history,” says Cara. “We’re proud of the people who have brought us to where we are today as a department. But we also want to show that we have a diverse and inclusive department.”

“You don’t want to take away the history of which you are justifiably proud,” says Flier. “You don’t want to make it look like you are embarrassed by that history. Use the space to reflect some of the past history and some of the changing realities that you want to emphasize.”


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Meh. I like the part that they are upset that the portraits can’t talk like in Harry Potter. I think that’s the real issue…


You have to admit that would be pretty cool.


Progress can be a real bummer for the demographic who has basked in the privilege of regression.


Very reasonable.

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Is progress being made when you are making judgements about people based on their skin color?


Maddow said “Dude wall.” :exploding_head:

Progress is being made when you recognize that the reason a certain demographic is over-representative is because of a history of systemic racism, and having a conversation about how to remedy that.


Is that what you were doing? Because it looked to me like you were lumping all white people together and saying they were bummed by progress and losing their racists advantage, which isn’t saying something nice about them and is judging them by their skin tone. So it looks to me like the only progress you made was to pick another race to disparage.


Is that what you feel the universities are doing in regards to the article?

Yes. Its exactly the sort of thing you say when people notice you are erasing history.


No, it is what I feel the poster I was responding to was doing. I’ve got a daughter in Med school, I think it would be nice of them to take steps to make women feel more included at her school. There isn’t any rule that says all the wall space has to go to historic alumni. Who up until not that long ago were all men.


How is history being erased in this situation?

That’s not what happened.

Reasonable. All the best to your daughter, that’s a challenging path to say the least.

The John W Campbell award just got renamed because the most recent winner of it slammed him for being a fascist in her acceptance speech.

So instead of trying to whitewash Campbell’s really terrible ideas… they said … you know… you are right and renamed the award.


The feminists are taking over!

The Sad Puppies lost.

Back in 2015, the World Fantasy Award stopped using the bust of H.P. Lovecraft because he was a virulent racist.