The working class paid the bill for bailing out the rich once again

The program pushed by Congress and WH as a rescue line for small business mostly was taken up by multi-million dollar companies owned by billionaires.

It seem Congress doesn’t care much for the working class.

Billionaires, country clubs, private jet companies and Kanye West all received millions in government funding under the Paycheck Protection Program, according to the Small Business Administration.

The PPP loans and grants were part of the $2 trillion CARES Act, which President Donald Trump signed into law this spring. The loans were designed to help small businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic to retain or rehire employees. Yet according to a list of individuals and companies that received loans or grants of more than $150,000, recipients included large companies and billionaires that had access to other sources of capital and have recovered quickly from the pandemic.

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You mean the money they gave these business to keep paying their employees until at least Oct 1st? More employees mean more money obviously.

This should make a huge splash, much bigger than anecdotes about waiters trying to stay home for $600.


If millionaires and billionaires had to use their own money to keep their workers on the payroll, would any of us be truly free? I sure know I couldn’t survive without all those Walmart employees getting taxpayer funded goodies.

What makes you think that? The people complaining about the $600 are the same ones who believe the rich shouldn’t pay taxes.