The Woman's Bible Redux

The Woman’s Bible was written by a woman named Elizabeth Stanton and published in 1898.

It is in the Public Domain.

Therefore there is no issue about quoting from it verbatim. Especially if it’s just a couple of paragraphs typed out of a Kindle book, with citation given.

So why can’t we talk about it here?

Here’s a link to The Woman’s Bible at Project Gutenberg.

It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t in the Public Domain.

Was there a reason you thought we couldn’t talk about it here? I am glad you brought it up, I didn’t even know it existed. Might give it a gander.

After my first thread on this topic was deleted, I started another asking why.

Snow responded that it was because I’d quoted from a book which was a violation of TOS, and then closed the topic and moved it to Community Action or somewhere, despite the fact that my second attempt at the thread hadn’t quoted anything!

So I started this thread, pointing out that the book in question is public domain, and also that, legally, it’s okay to quote a paragraph or two from any work as long as you give a citation for it.

But since restarting the thread I haven’t had a chance to post anything more to it…

I think you need a synopsis of what makes it stand out or unique.

Yeah, I just haven’t had time to type anything up.

The first thread had some good stuff in it, wish that had been allowed to remain.

Janet Miller had some ‘‘interesting’’ takes.

I have never heard of such a thing. I’ve been downloading viruses onto my computer lately, and so I clearly can’t tell when I am being tricked, although I am intrigued.

Wikipedia has an entry on The Woman’s Bible. it’s also at Gutenberg and on kindle

The link provided is virus free.

The Women’s Bible is a piece of fiction, although, in reality, so is a lot of the bible. But it could be the starting point for non-patriarchal view.

That book is unsettling.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton did not want black peoples to get the right to vote if women couldn’t have it. She wasn’t willing to gain rights in baby steps, it was all or none. And black feminists were treated much as black bus riders, relegated to the back of the lines in marches.

Heard the term “white feminism”? Found out about it inna link to the Boston Globe, posted on another thread about a different topic.

Clicked on it. White & black feminists don’t even really support the same causes.

While white feminists are pushing for equal pay & more maternity leave, black feminists are more concerned with equal protection for minorities in police custody & seeing better schools in the inner city.

The topic of so called white feminism is an interesting one. As for the Women’s Bible, I’ll have to pass.

It requires independent thinking.

She knew black suffrage was elevatable and if they held out they could get women’s vote also. Decades before it actually happened.

That’s an absolute lie.


‘’…Stanton firmly believed in a universal franchise that empowered blacks and whites, men and women. ‘’

‘‘Stanton had no objection to interracial marriage and wrote a congratulatory letter to Frederick Douglass upon his marriage to Helen Pitts, a white woman, in 1884.’’

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m still reading. I didn’t mean to imply that I dismissed it.

Good, I see you’re getting the hang of it.

I don’t know if I’m getting the hang of it, but I’m give it a fair chance.

Here’s your link.

Apparently feminists African & Latin American descent don’t see a racist origin in the movement a lie.

And very often they don’t share the same ideas or causes.

Not even the same thing. You originally quoted a source in the Boston Globe.

This link: An opinion piece from Bustle, ‘’ …designed for women and it positions news and politics alongside articles about beauty, celebrities, and fashion trends’’ Wikipedia.