The Whole Emmys During Sunday was a Super BLM Cringe Crap

From Anthony Anderson stating that the Emmy’s was the blackest ever? to the moment where Anthony Anderson and Jimmy Kimmel were chanting BLM.

And they hoped that everyone would watch it? they even went as far to say "Lets chant BLM so that Mike Pence and Trump hears it or something it!

The same BLM that were rioting and damaging businesses in some cities? is that what Emmys were supporting? i am bit surprised that the Emmys didn’t go far enough by supporting Jacob Blake knowing that he a arrest warrant.

So you’re the one that actually watched it. :wink:


Yeah! I was afraid we wouldn’t have our annual award show venting thread. Thank you.


Just the Gringe Moments after that i changed the channel but lol. They do actually believe that so many of us will just support BLM after the rioting and looting they caused surely they arent this crazy?


You already knew it’d be a woke fest.

My question is was there in-person attendance and how did that look ? Red carpet moments, socially distanced seating ?

Glad you were able to tune in at the exact time for cringing, would have hated to have had you sit through the entirety of that snooze fest looking for outrage fodder. :blush:


I know what to expect, so I don’t watch things like that.
My blood pressure is best left alone.

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with each passing year these hollywood ■■■■■■■■ become more and more of a faint wisp of a fleeting thought

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you must be a thinking man

or woman

Actually they appear to be just that crazy.

I never watch those hollywood award shows. They were bad enough when they were just patting each other on the back but now that they have gone political forget it.

Most of those types are pretty dim bulbs to begin with.

Right? If I see Jimmy Kimmel’s face, I hit the mute button before I hear him whine. He hasn’t said anything of value since,…ever.


Welcome to the forums. :smiley:

Thank you, thinkingman.

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Thank you. I used to belong many years ago. I went to Facebook and Twitter. Checking it out again.

I adore film and television, but I stopped caring about awards shows years back on account of the endless political grandstanding from the most privileged elite on the planet. It can be tricky, but it’s entirely possible to separate that personality cult from accidental art.

I haven’t watched network TV since I got cable.
And I hardly ever watch cable either, now.

Kids, at least in my area, watch youtube and play Roblocks and zoom their friends, they don’t watch TV.
You have youtubers where you once had TV stars.

The point being, all this doesn’t matter like it once would have.

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I much prefer the old sitcoms(60’s 70’s etc) over anything the networks are putting out these days.

Then welcome back (I thought your username was familiar) :wink:

We’re in a golden age of long-form television. Theatrical releases may have declined in quality, but only because most of the creative talent has shifted to cable and streaming networks.

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I watch outlets like Hulu, Roku, Tubi, etc much more than network shows.

Blue Bloods and NCIS are about all i watch on networks anymore.