The White House is ignoring "red lines" from China. What could go wrong?

That said. I will agree that is was weak sauce on her part. I wanted to see much stronger condemnation from Democrats

Some seem incapable of separating those 2 scenarios…

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but somehow

“i know that you will peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”

means… tear the joint up!

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yes, some do

And when they did go onto to riot at the Capitol he immediately sent a message to the supporters he sent there to stop right? He didn’t wait 3 hours and then call them patriots and tell them to remember the day forever?

Because the latter would be bad. Especially if it later came out that his administration was involved in several illegal schemes intended to change the results on January 6th.

that is correct, he didn’t wait three hours


Fighting China in its backyard is close to a guarantee for defeat.

Pelosi’s announcement for her Asian trip mentions Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. There is no mention of a stop in Taiwan. It sounds like the Biden administration may be taking a step back from the abyss.

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This link should close the J6 Thread and committee cult immediately.

Expect the unexpected.

So you’re for appeasing China now?

The US policy is to shout loudly and carry a small stick.

The Biden administration needlessly provoked a war with Russia. It thought it could destroy the Russian economy with sanctions. It thought it could destroy the Russian army with Javelin missiles. The reality is the NATO is losing the proxy war and the sanctions war.

Now the Biden White House is working to provoke China into a war that that it knows the US would lose.

It looks Pelosi plans to arrive on Tuesday, but she is not making the details public.

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Wrong thread?

Little extra butter please

She may already have arrived there according to this video from a youtube channel that monitors air traffic. Her plane “went dark” after she left Guam at just after midnight this morning local time.

See video starting at 4:50:

Since 1991 direct investment (Taiwanese opening factories and tourist hotels) have been allowed from Taiwan to China. Capitalism works. Wages in Taiwan a far higher than in China.

During that 30 year period, Taiwanese opened more than
44,000 businesses in Mainland China, average investmen,t was just under $4.5 million.
TOTAL over $200 billion

It’s not about Nancy Pelosi, or red lines,
nor even about some stretch-of-the-imagination that
China owns Taiwan

The Dutch have a stronger and more recent claim to New Amsterdam than the Chinese have to Taiwan

China wants the assets. Communism wrecked its own economy,
and as leftists always do, they blamed corporations.
Screenshot 2022-08-01 1.02.45 PM,trade%20was%20US%24166%20billion.

Supposedly…today is the day Pelosi heads to Taiwan. I wish everyone on board, safe travels.

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Every time I hear about stepping over lines…