The WB complaint isn't about the phone call Trump is a secondary player in the whole thing

The WB complaint is much bigger then a single phone call, the core of the complaint is center of effort by not Trump himself so much but his personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his effort to undermine the U.S State department to secure leverage against Joe Biden.

The crux of the WB complaint is more so with Rudy Giuliani working on behalf of the President either with or without direct knowledge to pressure the Ukrainian government into investigation Joe Biden and his son.

this effort started in 2018 when Giuliani met with acting head of the Ukrainian DOJ Yuriy Lutsenko in NY and Poland were he tried to pressure him to open an investigation into the Biden, Yuri refused and has come out publicly since stating there was no merit for any such investigation under Ukrainian laws.

The WB complaint also goes into how the Ukrainian government felt pressure because they were being dealt with on two separate official channel one via the State Department and one via Giuliani who both wanted separate things.

now where Trump comes into play is his refusal to authorize military aid to Ukraine after this breakdown in communication, there is no proof that this refusal is directly linked to Yuriy Lutsenko refusal to open a investigation but that is very much what Giuliani wanted based on his public attack on new President Volodymyr Zelensky claiming his government was full of enemies.

now we get to the core of Congress issue with the WB complaint the phone call in which Trump asked Volodymyr Zelensky to do a favor, that favor was to open a investigation into the Biden something his personal lawyer has been pushing for.

now I don’t think Trump is the mastermind here this complaint very much forces on Giuliani and his influence over the President, but the question is will Giuliani gambit bring down his Presidency.

Trump could easy defend this impeachment by distancing himself from Giulaini and suggest he had no knowledge of his gambit.

Dont forget the two off the books fox news lawyers who has been helping trump as well.
He may not be the mastermind but his hands are just as dirty.

His treason and spy talk isnt helping his cause either. There is no bake time here for him to spin things. Which we are seeing with Jordan’s and miller on sunday.

Some laws have been broke. More info is going to come out soon. If it’s as bad as it seems and I was the dems I would hold off a little bit. Get my ducks lined up and slam him with an impeachment…make it seem really really bad.

The WH hasn’t even directly admitted this didn’t take place, or that Trump didn’t have direct knowledge of it. which is strange they could easily do so and create distance between Trump and Giuliani but they simply don’t.

There is a clear separation between people like Barr, Pompeo, and Trump inner circle likely why so much information has been leaked.

I think Trump honestly believe there is some wide governmental conspiracy, and his inability to properly manage his inner circle is what will bring him down.

well Trump himself isn’t the mastermind, I think he isn’t smart enough to understand the implication of his action or those working under him. He is spoon fed only positive information which is why so many people have taken advantage of it.

I mean yeah sure I agree. I’m just saying he knows…he always has to know…he just knows how to be vague about it to skirt laws

Rudy Giuliani IS an American hero. And it doesn’t “depend on what the definition of is, is” either.

Only the slimy hate-filled dimocrats and their corrupt media partners would try to destroy this man and his legacy.

And attempt to strip the PRESIDENT of his Constitutional Rights to representation.


Thanks! Needed a good laugh this morning…


So trump was always the mastermind before, but he’s no longer the mastermind??

That’s convenient!

And all in an attempt to strip the president of his Constitutional Rights.


Rudy is American scum. He used the 911 tragedy for political purposes. Glad it didn’t work.

They change the WB standards just days before the WB came for ward with his rumor.

So you think a freaking rumor will get Trump impeached, enlighten use, how is a rumor, hearsay or scuttlebutt works as proof or evidence or what ever you might think it is besides what it really is and that is bull?

That’s simply not true…

I’ll save you from embarrassing your self!

It’s no wonder you are confused given your sources… The ICIG has always accepted complaints based on second-hand knowledge… The statute and directives that implemented the whistleblower act have never required first hand information for a complaint…


Lot of assumptions in that spiel.

When did conservatives push the Russian collusion hoax that was created to cover up Obama’s attempted coup?

His legacy? His legacy is as a senile old addled Trump ass kisser who decided the best career move at this late stage was to become an administrative sycophant and liar for a con man. â– â– â– â–  Rudy.

Why did the form in question have the same check boxes in May of 2018?

Never has hearsay been used for a Whistle blower till now should be your first clue.

And then what happened??