The wall vs. toy airplanes

We keep hearing that we need a technology wall. One that is monitored by cameras, sensors and toy airplanes buzzing around over head. So how would that work? Say your toy airplane sees some border crashers and the border patrol is dispatched. Maybe they get there in time to apprehend the intruders. Maybe not. What if we do get there in time and we end up apprehending hundreds every day. Eventually we will have thousands or tens of thousands in custody. So where will we keep them? What do we do with all of the illegals that we have apprehended? Anybody?

The same thing that happen now, they go before a judge and make their case for staying and DA make their case for them to be deported.

Unfortunately these questions expose a misunderstanding of reality.

We apprehend hundreds a day. It’s not matter of “getting there in time” or getting anywhere. They head to the nearest border patrol officer / vehicle / building they see and say ayuda.

Where have you been?


Where have you been?

A 100% effective wall versus toy helicopters… hard choice LOL!

Do we catch all the people who cross the border where there is a wall currently?

They have all been recognized as close to 100% successful.

So where the wall is now we have 0 issues?

That’s a simple way of lying.

They have all been recognized as close to 100% successful. Period.

Lol. Trump Twitter ain’t a verified source, sweetheart. Lol!!!

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Trump had the biggest inauguration crowd. Ever. Period.

didn’t keep the Mongolian out of China.

Trump has the best brain, believe him.

By “America” I’m guessing you mean release them into the population? Which means the dems are lying when they claim they want border security.

didn’t Trump end catch and release?

Fat donald negotiates the best deals, believe him.

0 links or evidence, like usual… silly liberal.

This isn’t China. And this isn’t a war. It works in Yuma Arizona. Everywhere that we have a reliable wall, intrusion has been drastically reduced.

They aren’t

The largest single group of asylum seekers ever to cross into the U.S. [tunneled beneath the border wall] near San Luis, Arizona, on Monday, voluntarily turning themselves into Customs and Border Protection, according to the agency.

Migrants can be seen marching toward Border Patrol agents by the hundreds, according to video obtained by ABC News. [Smugglers dug a series] of seven holes, only a few feet long beneath the steel border fence, with hundreds going beneath the wall and a smaller number clambering over it, according to CBP.

He certainly has better skills than Fat Hillary.

It takes less then 15 mins to by pass a border wall.