The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


Won’t be eligible for citizenship.



Open the government and you might find out.


It does seem like a rational compromise on Trump’s part…this is good. But I am so irritated by Nancy Pelosi who says we won’t consider a thing unless he opens the government back up first. How about they do it all at the same time. Trump Compromises and Nancy Compromises. MEET IN THE MIDDLE you two!


It’s not a compromise as Trump isn’t giving up a thing. Dreamers were already given a de facto 1 year extension from the Supreme Court and next year is an election year


3-year Temporary DACA when the courts have already put a stay on it and it will likely be 2020 before the SCOTUS even hears the case.

How about open the government and pay the Secret Service, CBP, ICE, Food Inspectors, the FBI, IRS, TSA and Coast Guard, then.

Let DACA have vote on it’s own merits.

Let the wall have a vote on its own merits.

Let border security (walls where smart, more CBI/ICE agents, more immigration judges) have a vote on it’s own mertis.

STOP holding those that actually protect this country hostage to a “Mission Accomplished” photo op for Trump.


Exactly right. Wall funding for a temp fix to DACA. We need a permanent fix, not just another band aid, take two aspirin, and see you in three years. That’s just kicking the can of worms down the road.