The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


Yes, even after committing misdemeanors (up to 3). As long as they meet the right illegal conditions.


There’s little evidence for what you fear.

And you deal with it by making it part of comprehensive reform, not making it harder on people who have pretty much been here all their lives.


You seem to having an issue following the plot here.


Speaking comprehensive immigration reform, if that’s passed, it needs to be a felony to be in the country illegally, and the punishment is immediate deportation. Otherwise we’re roght back in the same boat in a decade.


Just saying it’s hard to get deported while covered under DACA.



How does that relate to the conversation we were having?


Just a little side trip highlighting some of the other perks they get.

I asked what should be required of them on this “pathway to citizenship” but nobody seems able to give me an answer.


Dream Act legislation has been continually proposed since Dubya was first elected. Though I haven’t kept up on the particulars of the latest editions, I expect most any of them would be acceptable to me.


Well, that’s a policy question. A lot of criteria have been suggested.

Military service/college degrees, 5 year wait for a green card, another 5 to apply for citizenship was the DREAM Act standard, I think.


And if they fail to meet any of those requirements?


Trump isn’t offering them amnesty. He’s offering them a three year extension so he can use them as a bargaining chip again.

So in other words, they’re hostages.


I answered. You ignored it. It’s okay to not respond, but don’t pretend it didn’t happe.


Then they don’t become citizens.


But get to stay.


Well, no. If they don’t meet those qualifications, they’re in the same legal situation as any other illegal immigrant.


Where is it? I apologize if I missed it.


Even though this is the only country they’ve ever known?


As the law is written, yes.




Which of those are tenable to Democrats now?