The Wall debate makes zero sense to me


the democrats should stop with their hysterics and fund much needed border security to stem the crisis at the border

like they said was necessary some few years before


Perhaps the GOP and Trump should support the plan that offered $25 billion for border security last year? You know, the one Trump threatened to veto and the majority of the GOP voted no on. If this was such a “crisis”, why vote not on the much needed border security funding?


There is no crisis at the border when you take an objective, fact based look at the situation. The border is more secure now than it ever has been.


Hey, but Trump has quickly convinced the rubes that there is an emergency this month when there wasn’t for the last two years. Gotta give him credit for pantsing them once again.


there sure was about 4 years ago:


Nope. Obama was not talking about illegals crossing the border and was not asking for funds for a wall. And he was not asking to circumvent congress by invoking emergency powers.

Obama’s remarks in the short video clip do not support Trump’s proposal for a border wall or endorse the path Trump is considering now: declaring a national emergency that might enable him to circumvent Congress and unilaterally spend money on the wall. Instead, Obama was asking Congress to approve an emergency appropriation to deal with a surge of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and youth, mostly from Central American, trying to cross the border from Mexico.


didnt say he was

your “nope” is rejected


Lolzzz is there anyone still falling for that debunked hoax.

Too bad some of us aren’t gullible.


To be fair, liberals and Democrats who believe CNN is the source of reliable news may have a little trouble finding out what the real experts think about a wall.


We figured out how to deal with the problem 4 years ago.


haha… yeah. i figured you’d say that

only took less than two years after that huh?


I’m having trouble with your grammar here. Can you rephrase? Only took less than two years for what now?

I like this line though. We need a wall to prevent children from coming here seeking refuge from violence. Why didn’t that make it into Trump’s speech this week?


Well hey, at least it will be a good, strong wall…

…oh. Nevermind.


1 Why are we spending any money on the wall?

Mexico is paying for it economically, if you’re waiting for them to write a check that won’t happen. Walls work because they’ve been putting them around castles for hundreds of years.

2 When Trump said build a wall, did he mean the ENTIRE U.S-Mexico border or only the places where it was legal to build the wall?

It will not be the great wall of China, it will go up in high drug trafficking routs.

3 We already have a wall at the U.S Mexico border. Illegal crossings have gone down, not up. Sign me up if we want to improve on the wall AND come up with a better system of tracking down drug traffickers, gang members, and mules. Obviously, just upgrading the wall is not going to do it. What is Trump proposing we do about people who dig underneath walls, drug mules, and use planes to transport drugs and guns?

The walls are used as a deterrent, they also use walls to force them to choke points where they would detain them. A newer wall would make that crossings going down to zero crossings.


Pay for it economically? What does that actually mean?

Then you’ve just rerouted them. And the vast majority of drugs are smuggled through ports of entry. A wall will do nothing for this.

You can’t form a choke point through hundreds of miles of open desert.


Maybe someone can give some examples where a wall has led to a durable, peaceful, cost-effective solution to whatever the wall was meant to solve. In the last century. National or international scale.


How exactly does this work? Show your work.

We already have walls their - they are called ports of entry.

No, it wouldn’t. This doesn’t make sense in rural areas where response time by CBP is measured in hours or days.


Ok, now that’s funny. Didn’t see your response for I did mine.


Thanks for your opinion.


I saw that. CNN didn’t like the positive response regarding the effectiveness of the wall protecting San Diego and decided not to broadcast that.