The Wall debate makes zero sense to me


Of course visa tracking needs to be improved. More funding for that would be great. It is a separate question…
NO one said that a wall was the beginning and ending of immigation law enforcement.

Now…once you increase interior enforcement (need ICE for that…not getting rid of ICE) and deport visa overstays…they are not going to be able to reenter for many years, if ever. That’s where a wall comes in.

And no one is proposing a complete wall for every inch of the border.
An extended and improved wall…as one aspect of immigration law enforcement…is what is being proposed.


They will drop it after failing just like they did with ACA and the debt.


Anyone that doesnt want entire border with wall is against border security


Indeed. He was ready to make a deal to keep the government open.

Then Rush and even Sean hinted on their shows that it would be a sellout…and then he changed his mind.

A President of the United States basing his policy stances on talk media…sigh.


This is one of the fundamental problems of this administration, and the negative effects of it bleed into more issues than just Donald’s wall.


I’m going to disagree in that deporting those who overstay their welcome aren’t necessarily coming from Mexico. I would like to know how many are coming from other parts of the world.

Government needs to be smarter with their money. I am surprised that the Department of Homeland Security does not have more input on how money should be spent. We have the people who can provide the technology to secure our lands, whether it is north or south borders, or the skies, or the seas. We should be employing them.



Give DHS Billions and then figure out what they are going to spend it on?

Who that sounds like a DEM proposal.

Just throw money at the problem, don’t figure out meaningful long term solutions, just throw money at it.



Not what I said at all.

Study the reports and then decide…negotiate.



Yeah…why listen to expert border control agents with over 3 decades of experience that suggest a wall is necessary? Let’s just listen to the feelings of libs. :roll_eyes:


Let’s cal it a nice tall hedge.


Ya mean those 4 Trump- chosen baldies?


So, you will listen to actual climatologists, then?


Yeah…there credentials, background and experience mean nothing. :roll_eyes:


I don’t think there’s any question that temperatures are rising. The questions are…is it man made and what should we do about it if it is? The US has come along way in that area. We can definitely do a better job but the US is reducing emissions. The problem, as I see it is with those countries like China and India that are doing the opposite. IMO all that’s happened is “we” have transferred our pollution to other countries in exchange for saving pennies at Walmart, while ignoring the portion of our national debt that is a direct result.


“Their” 10


heres some info for those who are tired of being lied to by the lying pathetic political cnn:

(all of the both of you)

turns out walls work

turns out cnn doesnt want to hear it

doesnt align with their agenda evidently



Turns out we already have a wall.

Doesn’t align with Trump’s political agenda.


“walks dont work”

“we already have a wall”

how do you keep up with these shifting talking points?


I don’t keep up with other people’s talking points. I’m an individual and my opinions are my own. I won’t be held responsible for what others say.

Walls are good for some places, useless others. We already have a wall where it’s needed. Border crossings are down 85% from their peak. There is no border crisis.

Trump should stop with the hysterics and get let everyone get back to work.


It would be great to see how many of the dems who took rep seats ran on the wall and now don’t support it…