The Walking Dead

Anyone watched The Walking Dead lately?

Thoughts of how they handled Rick Grimes’ “departure” last Sunday?

Excited that Rick will be in 3 upcoming Walking Dead films?

Finally caught up to last season when it hit Netflix a few weeks ago. Haven’t watched any of this season yet. Its just gotten so boringly repetitive. See Rick’s crew fight other humans with the occasional walker thrown in. Rinse and repeat every episode. The whole Neegan thing took way to many seasons.

Agree 100%. It is just so repetitively formulaic.

Zero world building just constant fighting bad guys and there is zero horror in the show. Its a soap opera. Horror is not about gore but creating a disturbing and genuninely frightening environment. In this post apocalyptic world none of that exists.

But i have disdain for people who watch TWD and proclaim themselves horror fans but have never actually explored the genre outside of the PG13 dross we are served.