THE VOTES: Kavanaugh Has Enough Senate Support, Full Vote Saturday | Sean Hannity

Judge Brett Kavanaugh gained the support of two swing Senators late Friday afternoon; likely passing the 50-vote threshold required to clear the United States Senate and join the Supreme Court.

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Given the state of our country, the deep division CAUSED by those who feel to rule the middle class and SUBVERT the CONSTITUTION to suit person agendas, to basically CHANGE the entire make up of America, I speak out with my new PREAMBLE!

We the Real Americans of the United States, in Order to SAVE our Union, maintain Justice, insure our values and traditions, provide for the Security and Defense, promote the general good and well-being of all citizens, and secure the Blessings of Freedom and Liberty paid with American blood, do STAND AGAINST ANY AND ALL THOSE WHO WOULD defy the sanctity of our Constitution for the United States of America.

We will DEFEND THE RIGHT for OUR Freedom of Speech, to Resist Hate Speech and Stand Up to those ELITE who seek to Bully or Intimidate by Harassment ANY who may have an OPPOSING THOUGHT!

We will DEFEND THE RIGHT for our right to BEAR ARMS deemed by our Founding Fathers to PREVENT government overthrow of the PEOPLE, to thwart tyranny and anarchy by those who seek to subvert our way of life and for the sake of Self-protection against ANY who would cause us physical harm.

I am NOT a Hater, a Racist, a Bigot, etc. as many would name me for having a different VIEW. I understand the CONSTITUTION and why it was written the way it was and WHY it has endured for over 230 years! Up until recently, as there are those in this country who now wish decide how you and I MUST THINK and ACT. If we do NOT COMPLY then we are the outcasts. Both you and I KNOW this is NOT what this country was built upon and nor will it last with such aberrant behavior allowed to continue. WE HAVE A VOICE! IT MUST BE HEARD! I cry out to ALL REAL AMERICANS who love this country as I do to MAKE A STAND come November! Your VOTE counts and need RID our legislative bodies of any and all who would subvert our moral and ethical code that so many before us FOUGHT & DIED so we could have the blessings we enjoy. STAND UP FOR AMERICA! Or just watch her die!

I like beer!

Cicero said, “a country can survive it’s fools, and even it’s ambitious ones, but it cannot survive treason from within”. During the 8 years that treason against our country resided in the White House, Obama tried to do everything he thought he could get away with, and many he hoped he could get away with to demean and destroy our country and it’s high moral values with the eye to preparing it to surrender it’s government to a world wide government. This meets every definition of treason (see Webster’s).
He tried to make sure that none of our military branches projected an image of having a pair. And especially not a pair that answered to the Lord Jesus Christ. He even appointed a Jew hating Jew to make sure that none of our chaplains said the name “Jesus” publicly except under threat of heavy reprimand and being drummed out of the service.
Prior to that we could play chicken with the best of our enemies (ref. recent event w/Chinese destroyer in S. China Sea), and did so for years and years through the “cold war”, the one that I fought in (Navy CT 65-69). And our guys reported that once they got up close enough so we could look them over real good, their equipment and whatever they were sailing or flying was third-rate at best.
These bullies of the world are only trying to pull this stuff on us right now because treason within our own country has not been effectively dealt with, and they see us as a wooden structure that is about to collapse because termites have hollowed it out from the inside.
You let evil choose it’s own name or label rather than calling it what it is in truth ! You let them change the label of “liberal” to “progressive”, and the murdering of babies from “killing” to “pro-choice”. Haven’t you read that even Satan passes himself off as an angel of light ?
Aren’t you even a little suspicious of why they so easily allowed themselves to be called “globalists” hoping beyond hope that the one that truly describes what they are doing “treasonists” which carries with it more dire consequences wouldn’t get traction ?
Elected and non-elected officials in our government (including some from both parties) and other influential people in our country have been laboring to undermine our government and submit us under a world wide government.
These are the devil’s children of the world (Matt. 13 vs 37-39) who have been told by their father that his time is short, and they are trying to bring all of their brothers and sisters all over the world under a one world government to try and make a last ditch stand, by safety in numbers, against the wrath that Almighty God is bringing with Him.
The devil doesn’t have familial love for his own sons and daughters. He even treats them with the utmost disgust in their end. Could any of Hitler’s enemies done anything worse to him than he did to himself with the poison, gun, and gasoline at his father’s guidance ?
Did you know that in the 12 months before he died, Sal Alinsky (author of “Rules for Radicals” which he dedicated to Lucifer in the intro, and which Obama and Hillary swore by) said that he hoped that when he died he would go to hell ?
Anybody else want to hop on that train ?
The United States is the biggest obstacle to bringing in a one world government ! No other country’s citizens have had the rights and freedoms that our citizens have had. There is some indication in the last book of the bible that our country will be one of the few (3 or 4) spared from coming under the authority of the world wide government (see Rev. chapter 12 verse 14). It says that two wings of a great eagle (where the eagle is mentioned in biblical prophecy it is referring to the United States) will be given to Israel to protect her in the last 3 and 1/2 years before the Lord concludes this age.
One of the greatest controls God built into our constitution to keep us from ever coming under a tyrannical government is the right to keep and bear arms. Why do you think the devil’s children in our country have so desperately tried to get them out of our hands ? Every time a kid got shot in the eye with a squirt gun Obama whined about gun control ! Did you really think it was about saving children’s lives ? These are the same people that seriously thought they were killing their own offspring with impunity ! I know something about being aware in the womb, and God has spoken to more than one of us before He put us in the womb. The bible even gives some examples of this.
God told us that in the end when people learn the truth of things their hearts will fail them !

One of the main topics during this summer’s secretive (anybody guess why ?) annual meeting of the globalist/treasonist group known as the “Bilderbergs”, which is attended by government leaders and influential people from all over the earth, (including illegally by some members from both of the two main political parties in the United States), and whose members include the 6 largest owners of media in the world, was called the “post-truth” era !
What they mean by that is that truth no longer needs to be taken into account while trying to accomplish their goals, what matters is controlling people’s emotions, and using their emotions to bring about the desired end result ! Didn’t you read, the Lord said the devil calls things the opposite of what they are ? He calls evil good, and good evil. Do you think that’s a good way to stir up peoples emotions ? That’s exactly what he wants, so that while you are emotionally distraught he can control you. What has power over this ? The truth !
Jesus said I am the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

What you are witnessing in our country isn’t “Trump Derangement Syndrome” but the “globalist/treasonists” will gladly accept that label and it doesn’t even cause them a pause if it keeps you blinded to what they are really doing until they are able to put it over on you !