The Virus Is Spreading

Transplants are a plague on decent citizens. Stay in your own cesspools if you don’t plan on assimilating. Keep your “values” to yourself.

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Just a matter of time until Texas goes blue. :us:


And that is when it will become less of a cesspool


Heck…I’m no longer anchored with my job. Maybe I should land in Texas?

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I’m work from home guy. Same as my wife. My wife calls us “hippies with guns.”

Texas would be perfect.

That is 4 votes. How many more do we need?

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Need a little more blue in that Texas flag.

Funny, all the rhetoric that we were assured only applied to foreigners years ago now being applied to Americans.


Having ruined California and NY, liberals have to spread out to tell other people how to live. The virus is the least of it.






The amount of bros Joe Rogan is causing to move here is something no one has come to terms with yet. Abbott has the red carpet ready

I can’t be too mad. Rick Perry lured me at a business fair. As much as Texans hate people moving in, the state loves it.


They are just fine with taking the money we make though. :rofl:


Having an identity based on which state you happen to live in is super weird.

I never understood it.


I get it.

I understand that it is a thing… I just don’t get it. Maybe it is not in my wiring.

Your fellow citizens can move wherever they please.

Perhaps it is because many people in a given area share customs, language accents, a common regional history and even a common world outlook, even though they may not recognize it as regional. They are likely to have even common food preferences. If you always lived in a large city and moved from city to city all of them sharing the same TV culture, that might well seem super weird.


I lived in Texas for a few years as a kid. I get it.

I get in the sense that I grok it or ken it. My formative years were spent in a state that has a strong pull, a sense of patriotism to it.

If you automatically stand when you hear the first two bars of the state flag song, it has become a “thing.”

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Amazing logic isn’t it? They flee their home states because of what the politicians they continually elected do to them, and then they leave their old states and start electing the same politicians to do it to their new states.